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Originally Posted by mikepage0007 View Post
just a suggestion, appears that you are planning 8 months in advance...why not pick 3-4locations , being all car guys, most of you mods have a good feel for the venue and what it takes to make it sucessful...and put it out there for a member vote....each member with under 1000 posts counts as 1 vote and any member with 1000 or more posts gets 2 votes.. the senior member has proved his membership and should have a little more say then a newbie with 12 votes...hell , they might not be a member by the time cfest comes seniority should count for something..just a idea to think about...nobody can be upset if majority rules...then eliminate that city the future year to be fair to others...imo
You're motive is sound but IMO, you can't set the location based only on certain member votes. If it's a vote, it needs to be open to all members. There's no guarantee that anyone that votes is going so you might as well not limit the vote to post counts.

I've been here since the beginning back in 2006 and I only have around 1500 posts.

The most logical thing to do would be to find at least 3-4 locations, all in different parts of the country and rotate every 3-4 years.
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Black Beauty
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We will be making the return trip for sure with the MUSIC CITY CAMARO CLUB. Looking forward to seeing some old friends as well as meeting new ones.
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Originally Posted by GearheadSS View Post
You're motive is sound but IMO, you can't set the location based only on certain member votes. If it's a vote, it needs to be open to all members. There's no guarantee that anyone that votes is going so you might as well not limit the vote to post counts.

I've been here since the beginning back in 2006 and I only have around 1500 posts.

The most logical thing to do would be to find at least 3-4 locations, all in different parts of the country and rotate every 3-4 years.
that was what i was shooting for, a rotation, that would suit everyone..of course all members would have a vote , just that some of the more dedicated and involved members would have a little more power voting in the beginning..maybe members with 500 posts...if you look at c5 fest posts, most are above 500 and well beyond that #.......start with 4 and voting would pick the 1st, eliminate that destination for 2nd year and have 3 destinations left to vote for, then eliminate the next one...this way you know you are gonna have a place eventually and can plan accordingly..after the 3rd destination , it would be the 4th and final destination...then we can start all over and find 4 new locations or maybe list 8 destinations and have the members vote them down to 4..could be the same 4 from the past years or possibly a mix of 2 new locations and 2 past locations...just throwin some ideas out there...never hurts to give the mods some input...they may not want it , but can,t hurt to maybe give them some ideas down the road..imo
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My Caroline

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Texas would be hot, agreed. But if you've never done a car show, raced, or changed oil in August in Texas, you havn't really DONE it. (Wo)Man up, put on some boots and a big cowboy hat and do it the Texan way. The fest should not be kept from Texas because "It's too hot ".

Some will always be driving farther the others to the fest, it's a big country, but you can't expect some people to drive 1000 miles and 2 days every year, while others are enjoying A) their extra spending money and B) the comfort of their own bed. Camarovans are fun, absolutly. And I'm sure it appeals to some. In fact, I would have loved to do it! But, I didn't go this year in hopes of catching it closer next year.
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Originally Posted by mikepage0007 View Post
if you are thinking vegas in august, that would be miserable...average weather is 103f and can be 115, if unlucky...last time i went to vegas in august, i was walking the hoover dam and swore i melted half of my jordans on the asphalt walking...just consider a diff month if vegas is in consideration for a fest..last 4 years on august 5th ranged in temps of 105.1 to 107.6...i don,t think that would be fun temps to be outside all day, nor racing in those temps..just thought i would throw that out there..may in vegas would be ideal
Nope, October would be ok. Or April. The first 2 fests were in April.
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Going places
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I'm probably going to post multiple time here.....cause I can.....
Originally Posted by acatlover13 View Post
That's true....Camaro 5 is not the only ones who can put on a great event. Some of the rest of us are very capable of putting together awesome events too. If some of the people who are complaining so loudly would get out of their heads that this is the be all end all of Camaro events, then they might take a visit somewhere else. Just because it's not labeled "Camaro Fest" doesn't mean it's not awesome.

I was at the first Camaro Fest, and was booked and ready for Indy last year when our two sons came home from Afghanistan the same weekend.

It is a great event, but nothing will ever surpass the very first one--I dont' care how big they get. There was just something special about being able to attend the very first one.
Regina and others on here are right, if CamaroFest IV in Indy isn't good for you this's not. No reason to get upset. Find an awesome event to go to, lord knows there are plenty!

I'm going on the Hot Rod Power Tour in June, as many others here are. Yep, I'll be gone over a week and drive about 2500 miles. I also bet I'll road race, drag and maybe even autocross......and cruise with some of the most awesome hot rods around. Oh, and did I mention seeing prototype Camaros last year at the GM proving grounds.....or hitting the drag strip at Gateway International, or driving the road course at Hallett, or visiting some of the most awesome vendors you've ever seen? Check out the Hot Rod Power tour, traveling from Dallas, TX to Charlotte, NC

or check out the F-body Gathering in Atlanta over Labor Day....if you want to meet the f-bod father.....that's the place. Kinda mellow with no real power driving events.....but lots of Camaros, and fun

or try Regina's event in Valdosta......

Originally Posted by Darth V8R View Post
I think a massive west coast cruise up the PCH at the beginning of August just got very attractive looking...
I'm sure you're not an "old fart" like me, but check out the thread for info about the WCOFF event happening next year on the West Coast

Originally Posted by smkeeling View Post
Who decides this? Second, Why not have 4 fests? One in each corner of the US. This would allow you to drive to the closest one or drive to all 4. It would also allow vendors to sell to more of the camaro family in person, show new product and do meet and greets. When I say four corners just to be clear divide up the US in to four, roughly, equal squares and have four different fest at the appropriate time depending on the seasonal temps. It will also help those with vacation. They might miss the one in their corner but the other one is close enough. Last can you really ever get enough of camaro fest? There's more to be written on this idea but I will leave it here.
Wow, that would not be organizationally possible for our Mods......check out some other organized you can find something perfect...

Originally Posted by Jay_LHD3 View Post
Attachment 447042

I would guess Oklahoma being closer to the center when you factor in FL, CA, and TX as being the dominate groups for huge turnouts.

But that said, if you put it in the middle of the country you will have large amounts of people on the East and West that aren't going to make a 20 hr drive.

So it's better that if floats around. One year of it being in the same place isn't bad if it allows the organizers a chance to fine tune the event. Specially considering the event getting larger each year!

I remember the threads on here when they were putting together the SE Meet and Greet, that became Camaro Fest 1. There is a lot that goes on in the background and I give major props to the Mods for putting this on each year.

I L-O-V-E your idea of Oklahoma for Camarofest....don't think there's an appropriate venue.........however, Gateway International might just be a good place (St Louis)

"just stay with traffic, you'll be fine". = famous last words
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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
Maybe step back and look at the big picture.... It appears to me from the tidbits of information that have been provided there is more going on than what is easily seen at this time. Going back to Indy this year may not be the most convenient for everyone this year buuuuuuuut it's early "set time" free's man power up to start looking at future events. When they can start planning the fest 1-2 years out, A LOT more venues will be easier to obtain.

Obviously this is just my opinion as I don't know the future plans.... But it appears to me that this year's fest is helping to set up future events.... Maybe even a set rotation.

As our motto has been around here for year's..... Let's "Keep the Faith"

Originally Posted by Rod Knock View Post
First some comments about the 2013 event:

I am new here - only bought my SS convertible a couple of weeks ago but I come from being very acitve on some other car forums for over a dozen years - Prowler, SSR.. etc.

Having been involved with planning at least a half dozen National car events and coming from a full time profession for decades as a convention contractor - events the size of the Camaro Fest are best served starting planning at least two years in advance if possible and more than one year for sure. For example - my company is currently working on events scheduled to happen as far out as 2015, 2016 even out to 2018 - some venues/hotels already have contacts out as far as 2020. Finding a city/location/track etc. to host the Fest less than a year out is be commended.

The organizers here have found what appears to be the best option for hosting a great event. The dates and location will never suite everyone and that's to be expected. If you can make the event then please do so; if not, please understand these events are all about getting together and having fun. The cars - Camaros in this case -are just a means of bringing people together and forming new friendships and sharing in some good times.

Pete -as far as Texas goes, I am planning a Prowler National event in 2013 in Kerrville, Texas and would happy to discuss assisting with planning a Camaro event in Texas for the future whether it's a National or Regional event.
Thank you for your gracious offer. MLEE meet Rod Knock

Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
Yup, that was the So Cal Race Team you saw dominitating the Autocross...but Super Chevy isn't going back to Vegas next year...outside of the drag racing being pretty full and our group running in the Autocross, there were only another 30 cars at the car show Saturday....Vegas is a great venue, with lots of hotels....but I heard it is very expensive to rent...will see...
Why is SuperChev not returning to Vegas?
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So Cal Camaro
So Cal Race Team
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They are not on the Super Chevy schedule next year, turnout has been low the last couple of years we have friends from Total Cost Involved usually sponsored the Autocross and I believe they were told it wouldn't be happening next's sad, because we enjoyed the event...
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Spring 2014

Increasing Circle Size is not important.
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I do think a venue change would be a good thing. I'll be going to Indy again to see everyone though so count me in. The host hotel parking lot was as much fun as Lucas Oil Speedway so I'm okay not cruising. Not my ZL1 in photo but I like the color.

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You know, I was going to keep my $.02 out of here but after reading every single post I just feel like I should share my opinion, even though it really doesn't matter.

First, thanks to the mods who put this together I know its not easy...and thanks to all the other volunteers that help make it a great show...especially last year...(pete, John (drjkel), and norm (garcmol) just to name a few I know there were many more!!. I know how hard they worked during the day to make this a success....but this leads to my next point...they may not have been able to race during the day...but they got to participate in what (to me) the fest is all about. The parking lot parties.

Would I like to have traveled to somewhere I haven't been before? Sure. Am I going to bitch and moan about where the location is at? No. I go for the people. The late nights in the parking lot are what is the most fun for me. Finally getting to talk all things camaro with people that you only otherwise talk to behind a computer screen, putting faces to screen names, and just having a good time.

My first encounter with mlee? Taking the elevator up with him in the hotel with all his stuff and him saying he hopes his room isn't a very far walk. It's little things like that, even so small, that leave a lasting memory of an event.

Going to every floor in the hotel just to try to find an ice machine that has ice in it for our coolers....yet another memory.

YOU make the most of the venue no matter if it has been held there once before or 30 times before.

If you want to go have a great time with awesome people, Indianapolis is where you need to be August 2013.

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I'm in this time for sure!!!
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Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
Horrible call....LMAO

Somebody's gettin greased bigtime.
at least we have a sponsor who agrees
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I'm ok with Indy. Would have preferred Texas but there is always 2014. I would like to ask if the mods could diligently work at getting us some track time on the OVAL. Need to break up the large # of participants in camaro-cross. I'm sure there is enough interest and members that have track experience to volunteer to help make it happen. Hell, even following the pace car at 60+ mph is pretty exciting. I will step up now and volunteer to help out any way I can.

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