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Halltech Super Bee™ MF103 Ram Air Induction and Tune on my C6 Z06 LS7

While I also have an 2011 A6 LS99 (now my wife's car), I wanted to share my experience installing a tune on my latest acquisition. One thing to note, Halltech's emailTune is completely reversible; its like ghosting a hard drive, or overwriting a CMOS chip.

Well first mod out of the box on the new (to me) 751 mile 2009 Z-06 was to install a Halltech Super Bee™ MF103 Ram Air Induction and install a Halltech emailTune with their SCT tuner kit.

This is the easiest 33 hp to add to your car with the CAI and a Halltech tune. I guarantee you won' be disappointed.

I called my best friend to describe this first drive and all he could say was "I hate you right now"; we both laughed because we knew all the trouble we used to get into with my 79 Z-28 with that old built 372 stroker down in DFW. Thats the reason my Corvette forum name is The_Raging_Bull; as that was the name for my Z-28.

This new Vette...just goes past that car like it's standing still. Seriously; when I got it sideways the first thing I did was slow down; put it in Competitive Mode. I instantly realized learn to drive it before you eliminate traction control. Jeez its was fun though. Made me feel 30 years younger to get that kind of adrenaline.

I'll let my post to Jim at Halltech say it all:
Testimonial from January 2013 (Customer Larry V.: "Today was beautiful. I took the car out warmed it up; and then drove in 2nd and 3rd gear allowing the ecu to relearn.

At the end I opened up the car to 6200 rpm in first as I went to the speed limit instantly on I-81; wow...I'm impressed. Not having driven a new Vette; its some car huh? At a stop sign on the back road in, I took it off traction control, holy cow! you can snap the car at the shift if your not careful; not to mention if you're not careful you can get sideways quick.

I had a 79 Z-28 which I put a built 372 in with 530 hp; good grief this car is a beast compared to that!

Anyway, great job, the car ran really well; it'll be fun making the journey over the next two years from "close to wild" (stock) to "over the top". Thank goodness for traction control! Great job on the tune."

The ECU tune is a bit for bit copy, like reprogramming a CMOS bios chip in your computer (well ok perhaps more complicated). Once you do the tune, the ECU relearns what it needs. If you ever need to go back to stock, you have the stock file in the SCT tuner; and upon copying over the tune upgrade; voila you're back to stock. Once your ecu relearns over the course of a few miles; voila the aftermarket tune is gone if you need to go back to the dealership.

Anyway, great job Jim; it'll be fun making the journey "Over the Top" with Halltech's help.

I felt I just needed to post so that anyone on the edge and wondering would make the leap; its well worth the investment.

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