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2012 Camaro 2ss compared to 2005 Corvette

Well I have only had the car for a few days and have only put on about 100 miles but I have been asked a few times to do a comparison between my 05 Corvette and my 12 Camaro. Please forgive me as this is the first time I have ever done this.

So far the Camaro has been everything I expected and actually feels better than when I originally test drove a few last year. I have a manual with the Hurst short throw shifter and the shifts are nice and tight. There is no play in the gear box and it feels solid. My corvette was also a manual and the factory shifter was sloppy with side to side play. I added a MGW short throw and that cleared up a lot of the play but still had more than my Camaro. Now to be far my Camaro has 376 miles and my Corvette had 36k on it.

The Corvette wins the handling battle hands down as it is lower and turns in tight. The Camaro has a little body roll and the suspension just is not up to the Corvette and the extra weight shows. I am planing on dropping it an inch or so and going from there. The Camaro handles very well and is not a slouch in the few corners I have gone around but my corvette was just on rails.

Power is awesome in the Camaro and is put the ground very smoothly. It is not jerky while shifting under the throttle. I have not really hammered but only a few times. (its under warranty ) the torque is really noticable and helps the car not feel super heavy in a straight line. My corvette was modded but from when it was stock I did not feel torque like this but it was seat of the pants quicker but it was lighter at that.

The interior is Camaro hands down. It puts the Corvette to absolute shame from the dash to the seats. In order to get an interior this nice in a corvette you have to spend about double the money. The only thing I wish the Camaro had was Bose. Most people complain about them but I loved them in my Corvette and my Silverado. The stereo just does not impress me for being premium audio. Also I am starting to get used to the window situation.

Out side looks it is toss up. I find just as many people staring at the Camaro as I did for the Corvette.

So far the Camaro is really impressing me and I am glad I bought it. Can not wait for the weather to clear up and warm up to really get to enjoy this. Although my buddy just bought DSOM 06 Corvette Z06 that he is gonna let me drive so that might make me miss mine a bit.

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Totally agree^ Espcecially the handling part... My dad graciously lets me drive his '09 Zo6 from time to time and in corners its just like you said turns tight and feels like its on rails. Torque?....Holy crap it pulls like crazy, no question about it
(Granted i compare it to my '10 V6) All in all its a beast to drive

With looks I would've thought my dads car would get 2x the looks than mine does but i was definetly wrong Glad you're enjoying your new camaro
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I can't compare the same. We have a 2013 Corvette 427 and 2010 Camaro 2SS.

Obviously way 2 separate worlds there.
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Two totally different cars. Both are great, but the Corvette is a sports car. Low center of gravity, less weight, and 2 seats. I will agree that the Camaro has a nicer interior. You really feel the weight difference.
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