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Service Stabiltrac

2010 SS ls3

So my car sit for about a week and i go to start it to leave for work. I crank it up and all is well, then after about 10 seconds it starts idleing like an old harley. I rev it up to about 2k rpms a few times and it straightens itself out but once i start driving it it feels like there is a miss. I pop the hood and check all the wires and no issues.

So i am already needin to get to work so i say f it and head out. Car drove like crap for about 6 miles with the stabilitrac message on. After this point car magically went back to its normal idle and no miss feeling and message went away.

any thoughts on this one?
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mine is doing same but after installing roll stop and doing a massive burnout. cel, stablilitrak,comp mode,and traction control lights on . need advice on problem
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There are some other "stabilitrak' threads out there that mention the same problems....I know, I read them all!
I too was having the same issue. The first time, I stopped for gas, cranked it back up and the stabilitrak light came ran like it was missing and then stopped. On the way home, it started sputtering every time I made a turn. I got home and it seemed ok. It happened again a month later. I noticed that if I drove it for a long period (which is rare for me), the engine would get hot and it would happen again. Sometimes it would start with the engine being hard to crank over...I threw a cel that turned out to be a 'crankshaft sensor' issue. We replaced it but it continued.
Other threads where owners had similar issues were able to find and fix the problem. The issues were loose spark plug, loose plug wire, loose coil pack, bad battery or loose battery cable. In one instance an owner found that his wiring harness had rubbed on the frame and created a short.
The shop I go to tried to find the gremlin and couldn't. Turned out the owner of the shop, who also has a gen5 was having the same problem. While my car was in the shop for this issue, the owner had the same problem on the way home. He brought it back to the shop and they found that insulation on some wires coming from the starter had slid down and the wires were left to swing (left or right) striking or getting close to the starter and causing the wires to send sparks flying. They re-insulated the wires and secured them properly. They looked at my car and found the same issue. I have not had the problem since it's been corrected. Knock on wood.
There were some other ''trends going on with my car while this was occurring however my post would be much longer than it already is. Good luck to you.
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mine does that from time to time.. i ignore it..
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