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Old 06-17-2009, 03:46 AM   #1
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Hit on by a married woman!! What the hell!?!?

It's good to see an off-topic section here. Since it's late and no one else is up most likely, I figured I'd try to let things out here to my Camaro brothers. So, here it goes:

I'll start with some background....Back in high school (yeah, thats right, THAT far back haha), there was this girl, lets call her Janet, that I had a major, well since we were in high school I'll use a high school term, "crush" on. She was a girl that I thought was totally out of my league. I had her for a class and talked to her rarely. You know, just simple stuff like "Can I borrow some paper?" haha But I totally thought this girl was the most perfect girl in the world. I would have done anything for this girl. I was just a stupid high school ***** that couldn't get the nerve to talk to her!!

So, here we are, present day. 13 years after I graduated high school. High School is a distant memory for me. But, just two weeks ago, one of my good friends that I have kept in touch with through the years told me that he opened up a Facebook account and that a lot of our old friends from high school were on there and that he has been talking to them and catching up with everything they've been up to. So, I figure what the hell. I'll open one up too so I can see what my old high school buddies were up to.

So, I open up an account, and find a lot of my old friends, start emailing them and hear about how they have families and great jobs and yadda yadda yadda. A week or so goes by and I get an email from "Janet" saying hello, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I remember what you said in my Senior yearbook and I definitely remember you. (Hell, I don't even remember what I put in her damn yearbook.) But anyway, she asks me how I've been and what I've been up to....just simple stuff. The usual questions from someone that hasn't been in touch for a while. These emails go back and forth for a few days, real innocent. She's married, has a kid. Has maybe one or two pics of her husband on her page and a lot of pics of her kid, along with a lot of her of course. I had even met her husband a few years back when I subbed for a PE class. He was the PE coach for another class and I talked to him quite a bit and I even saw pics of her in his office. I had told him I went to high school with her, blah blah blah. So back to now, I tell her that I had met her husband and she says what a small world. So, more time goes by and we just continue to email simple, getting caught up emails. But one day, she sees me online and sends me an IM. We start talking and she begins to ask me more personal questions. She asked if I live alone, which fire station I worked at, and if she could come visit me at the station, where I lived, if she could come visit me at my apartment!! Fairly flirtatious stuff! So this goes on and I try to change the subject when things start to get really flirty! AND, she said that in high school, she thought I was a hottie!! And that she thought I was out of her league!! She said that she had told one of her friends to ask me to take her to prom, but then she changed her mind and told her friend not to say anything!! What the hell!?!?! If I only knew, right!!

Eventually, the IM thing turned into a nightly thing when I was home. We would be talking to each other for 3 or 4 hours at a time. Mostly innocent stuff, but she would sneak a few flirtatious comments in there. Still nothing too crazy! UNTIL last night and tonight! Last night she asked me what my ultimate sexual fantasies were, so I played along and told her. Then she told me hers, one of them was to have a threesome with a guy and another girl. She told me I could be the guy, and we'd just have to find another girl!! Then she said that she would like to have sex while driving! And even said WE could have sex while driving OUR Camaro!! What the ****!?!?

THEN, she says that she just can't stop thinking about me, ever. And that it's NEVER happened to her before. Keep in mind, she's married!! So, she's saying that she didn't even get this feeling when she met her husband!! Then she starts to say how she wants to kiss me and all sorts of other sexual stuff that I'll skip on the details!! And right now, as I'm typing this, she's sending me pretty detailed sexual texts about what she wants to do to me!! She even says that she wants to come over!! Holy Crap!! What the hell is that!!

So what the hell am I doing?? I love talking to her, of course. BUT SHE'S MARRIED WITH A KID!! What the heck is SHE doing?? She was not like this back in high school. She was a really sweet, innocent, respectable girl that, in my opinion, would never cheat or do anything wrong. This totally confuses me!! I mean, if this were any other girl, maybe I would easily be able to shove her aside and not flirt back. But this is a girl that I thought was a complete goddess, and in fact she has become a lot hotter with age!!

Obviously I know that I can't mess with a married woman. I just put myself in her husbands shoes. But I'm really wondering what the hell is going on!! She must be having problems at home! And the fact that she's the girl that I was crazy for in high school makes this situation sooo freaking crazy!! What the hell is she doing???

Just thought I'd vent and hear some of you're thoughts and comments...this has been driving me crazy!! Why is a married woman coming at me so damn hard!?!?
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Well, maybe she wants out of her relationship. If that is the case, wait until that happens before doing anything.. At least for the kids sake..
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Hey I am married & I flirt with you guys on here but thats as far as it will ever go. zhawk knows it .

As a woman, I would say Yea she wants to live alittle, maybe bored with the old man or something like that.

Tell her straight to back the flip off, that you are not intrested in her in that way since she is married. & NO she cant come visit you because your Phyco gf might handcuff her & beat her up lol.
Heart breaks everyday when you cant take care of your family because you are unemployed, cant give your family what you want or what they need

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haha you're screwed... one way or another.
Originally Posted by Kyle2k View Post
You take a shit on everything fun and good on this forum.
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Spyderseal, the bottom line is this gal is getting a little older and wants some different excitement in her life. She's fantasized about this, is both attracted and comfortable with you so she still feels a sense of safety...but what she really wants is to be with another woman. This way with you there, if she starts getting nervous or scared, she can participate as little or as much as she wants without causing any problems. That way if worst comes to worst, she'll just watch, and still get some new excitement in her life. :tweetz::tweetz:

Now having said all that, you just might be opening a big can of worms? Good may need it.
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I would simply tell her that you would be interested if she was not married but since she is married you feel more comfortable keeping it on a friendship level and only online. If she can't understand then you are better off without her friendship. If in the future she seperates and you guys hook up, always remember, if she can justify cheating on him she can justify cheating on you down the road.
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Old 06-17-2009, 05:40 AM   #7
Tactical Z
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Ahh hell no, this is the same shyt my parents are going through, DO NOT, have a affair with her, period.
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Quite honestly you should draw the line before it gets worse.. she's got a kid, and no matter how bored she is the kid should be the most important thing to her... you don't need something like this on your conscience , from your post it looks like it's already bothering you and you're coming for advice... dunno if you wanna listen to mine though I say gtfo of that convo and if you want to stay friends with her change the subject when she starts talking the way she is right now.
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Old 06-17-2009, 06:36 AM   #9
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I agree on drawing the line. I have no experience in this particular situation, but I really think you should stay in her husband's shoes and keep thinking that way. Think of her child too, even. The high school fool in me would say, "Dude, that's your high school crush and she's even hotter. What are you waiting for?" That's the kind of softy, romance-loving sap I am. But you have to curb the desire. Passion is rottenness to the bones. Yeah, it would be okay if she was unmarried, and even better not having a child. But she's not. You two are older now, not a couple of hormone-driven, lovey-dovey kids with minimum responsibilities. I really believe that marriage is a bond not to be messed with, and her child should be a symbol of that. There may be a reason for her flirting, whether it be she really liked you back then or she is just going through some trying times right now. But don't give in. She's probably half-serious and is waiting for you to meet her halfway, but DO NOT give in to the temptation. It'll be hard since she was your high school crush, but that was then, this is now. Sorry to sound so mean, but you have to have your mind over matter. The heart is easily fooled

You guys can stay friends, but that's where the line is. Not FTFs. Just friends. Hopefully, she's still the same sweet respectable girl you remember and hasn't change into a woman who gets easily unsatisfied and in need of something new. And hopefully, she'll get over this and you two can laugh at this someday
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Whatever you do don't have any kind of sexual contact with her when she's still married. Not worth breaking up a family. And definetly don' have sex while driving the Camaro!
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i know what you are talking about i have been there. but like another person said just tell her to back off. hate to say it but maybe she plays innocent but she isn't. there can be many things behind it like one she married the guy cause he knocked her up or she wanted the security and he gave it to her. and now that she knows you are a fir fighter she knows you make money and wants to be with you. think about it i have been there with many women when i had a job that payed well but once i lost it i lost them lol
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In my old life, I would have told you to bang her like a screen door.....
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What if it's her husband that's baiting you?! Trouble...
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