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Sesiom Summers
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2001 z28 vs 2003 corvette at orlando speed world

well 2 days ago I did my first 1/4 with my friends at orlando speedworld, is was a funny night, I spend all the day reading about -how to avoid totaled your car and yourself- everything was normal until a guy with a 2003 corvette w tinted windows appears, I was like -OK I already lost, just do it for fun- I did the line and i got more scared every time I got closer to the drag strip.. at the end a guy hit 'gently' my hood and point the drag strip at that time my mind was like about to explode.. anyway, I go to my lane, I avoid the water lines (I use stock wheels) and I put my transmission in 1 (Im a A4) put my feet on the brake and the other in the gas and the car star to make a burnout and turn a bit to the left, by instinct I correct the direction and gently release the brakes and let the car roll like.. 5 or 10 feet then I brake -by these time i already forgot that I had a corvette In my side, and I was enjoining every moment, slowly I go to the line but I pass it so I fell like a nooob but baah i WAS SOOO HAPPY at this moment, then in ... dont know it was so fast the yellow light start to "go down" and wen I saw the green light release the brake and launch the car at 2.500 rpm the car go perfect, just turn my head and the covette fell behind, I "shif" 2nd and 3th at 6.300 knowing that mi A4 is stock and it has a lag of half of second +/- then I saw that the corvette pass me like I was at 10mhp but at the same time the track end, so I didnt know If I won so I go to the "ticket place or whatever is called" and they give me a paper then I went to the place were my friends was and curiously the corvette park in front of me, and I saw one of my friends going out, I smile and the rest of the CFT team run to my car and told me that was and awesome race

these are the numbers



I lost but I think I did it great and I love it, he have a stock corvette 2003, W N20 but of course he didnt use it I have a camaro w some stuff and 330 hp at wheels, today we are going to race again he with N2O Im using drag wheels and a more aggressive tuning wish me luck! (probably he is gonna kick my but.. hahahaha ) also I want to know if what is best launching it at 3.000 or higher (w drag tires)

thanks to all

and sorry for my bad English I'm falling sleep right now

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