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Drives: 2010 Camaro SS (LS3)
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My Batmobile (lots of pics)

So I've decided to share my car, thoughts, and questions. Atm I do have a few issues I was hoping to get help with but first, heres the car.

2010 Camaro 1SS/RS

Current List
- Vengeance Racing Kaotik Cam
- Vengeance Racing 5/16" Hardened Pushrods
- Vengeance Racing .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit
- C5R Timing Chain
- Melling Hi Volume Oil Pump
- Comp Cams Trunion Upgrade
- LS7 Timing Gear
- LS2 Dogbone Timing Damper
- Kooks Longtube Headers w/ Roadpipes
- Borla ATAK axleback exhaust
- CAI Intake
- ATI 10% Underdrive Super Damper
- Elite Engineering Catch Can & Breather Filter
- 160 Deg Thermostat
- Mishimoto Radiator and Hoses
- GTO Clutch Reservoir
- NGK Iridium Spark Plugs & 10.2mm Wires
- Hawk HPS Pads
- Hart Cross/Drilled Rotors
- GM 2SS Gauge Pack
- SCT Tuner, Tuned remotely by Steve RDP Motorsports

Pending (need to find time to install)
- Goodridge SS Brake Lines
- TWM Short Shifter Kit & Knob
- GM 3.91 Gear Kit
- Energy Suspension Diff Carrier Poly Bushings
- MRR M228 Wheels w/ F 275s & R 315s

So far I've done everything on my own with the exception of a little help during the cam install, which far exceeds all I've done in the past so this was scary to say the least. lol

I definitely want to give out a shout out to Vengeance Racing for helping me with the decisions I made. In addition, a big thanks to Steve from RDP Motorsports for helping me with the tune and my issues.

Also, thanks a ton to robertway for his incredible diy write up.

So the day I became broke started when this bitch took a red light full speed around 40mph and totaled my 2012 Cadillac CTS. After looking around for a few weeks I found this car and I fell in love since....

Heres random pics of the progress

I also have a for sale thread if anyone wants/needs some of my stock parts or whatever misc stuff I have there.

Random Vids:

First crank after cam install. Was 2am and exhuasted. Pretty sure my neighbors hated me that night lol

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Drives: 2010 Camaro SS (LS3)
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: MIA
Posts: 60
Now... as for the issues... after the cam install I noticed the car would do a massive rpm drop down after giving it a little acceleration to back out of my drive way or navigate around a parking lot. that drop would constantly turn off the car and was a choir to try driving like that.

after a few days of running, I was able to find out with Steve that my dumbass thought when you tune to delete the o2 sensors, i thought it meant the top ones on the headers as well lol

so obviously I installed them and drastically helped my rpm dropping issue. It still does it, but maybe once or twice when cold start. But point is, its still doing it and was trying to find out the issue with it. In addition a few days later from that during a hard pull, the car is now giving me p0068 code. I have to clear it and not drive hard when that decides to happen. In addition, it seems like the car is running really rich.

Steve believes I need to replace my spark plugs or at least clean them from when I was running without the o2 sensors it flooded them and are now messed up/dirty. I havnt had the chance to pull all of them out yet, but I did take cylinder one out and it seemed fine. So idk what to think.

I'm gonna clean them to be on the safe side, but don't think it would work to solve my issues. please people give me some more ideas on what it might be, or if you heard of someone having a similar issue.


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Drives: 2010 Camaro SS (LS3)
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: MIA
Posts: 60
oh yea, in addition sometimes the car feels bogged down/clogged and then after it backfires to clear up it runs fine again.
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