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I know you can't please everyone, but damn, I don't like any of the changes for 2014. I really wish I did.
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BeckyD Rocks :-)
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Originally Posted by erasedgod View Post
I know you can't please everyone, but damn, I don't like any of the changes for 2014. I really wish I did.
That's cool, you said it respectfully and with class.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Let me introduce the family……….

>323 horsepower LS and LT

>400 horsepower SS

>426 horsepower SS

>426 horsepower SS/1LE

>580 horsepower ZL1

And the new Camaro Z/28…….
There you have it... A COMPLETE 5thGen family.

From day one we all wanted and waited for a Z/28 and in the process we got 2 models that everyone forgot about... the 1LE & ZL1. (and a bunch of cool special editions too) Pretty sure anyone looking to buy a Camaro can find something in this lineup that fits. The Z/28 with an naturally aspirated LS7 simply puts the stamp on a great Camaro comeback.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but looking back on this evolution all I can say THANK YOU GM and deciples... you listened to the majority, held true to the name and nailed it. I seriously don't think you could have done it better (even if I was a deciple..) Guarantee I'd have more hair if I knew what the plan was all along though.

Now to decide if a Z/28 will be right for me.

How bout a special edition ZL1 with LS9 before we move on to the 6th Gen... (yeah us Camaro enthusiasts are never satisfied LOL)
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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
How bout a special edition ZL1 with LS9 before we move on to the 6th Gen... (yeah us Camaro enthusiasts are never satisfied LOL)

I'd never be able to afford it, but I'd sure enjoy watching videos of it.
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A percentage of Camaro fans will just have to wait and hope there are improvements on gen 6. I thought the mailslot was distinctive on the gen 5 SS. It's the first thing I notice on the road. I don't recall reading that folks were asking for an extractor so that change came out of left field, to me anyway. I could understand if that were optional. Maybe the tail lights will grow on me in time, the wraparound just looks a little out of place. The Z/28 was turned from a car you could drive on the road, to a novelty. Sure, you have bragging rights on the track over anything Ford can throw in there. I'm sure a few people will pay to enjoy it a few times a year. I expect that the sales numbers will tell the tale.
These forums are here for fans to express their opinions, good & bad. We wouldn't all be here if we didn't like that car. Some people on here have an extremely immature attitude though. "If YOU DON"T LOVE EVERY CHANGE TO THE CAMARO YOU'RE JUST WRONG!"
That's a bit silly. Take the good with the bad, everyone else has to.
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That was beautifully written, sir. You've truly inspired me. I can't wait until the day I can afford my "permagrin".
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So, ten years from now, are we going to have a similar thread discussing why the best engine on the 7th gen is a 4 cylinder turbo? Kidding, kidding

Regarding the redesign, what surprises me the most is how much better the changes work WITHOUT the RS package. The non-RS headlights (as seen on the Z/28) really complement the new front end. The non-RS taillights have a nice look to them as well. This was the main reason I disliked the mysterious pre-reveal reveal on that talk show. Overall, the design works really well and I'm excited to see a 1LE non-RS model in white. I expect it will look great...

I like the new tails in non-RS trim. I'd say the taillight shape has hints of gen 1, gen 2, gen 3, and gen 4 in it. Trapezoidal with a few gens having wrap-arounds on the corners:

Gen 1:

Gen 2:

Gen 3:

Gen 4:

Gen 5:
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Very well written and informative per usual. It is the passion that you have for these cars and the people around you that makes you the wonderful guy you are. Upon seeing the GM photos and the posts from the debut, I revise my statement about the rear end. It, like most GM designs, has grown on me exponentially since that first glimpse that was shown on the Kelly and Michael show...which frankly did look God awful in the light they were shown in. Now that I can see the entire package as a whole, I feel the team did a wonderful job on the refresh and I really love that even the color palette has been changed. SO, I will sit down and have a plate of CROW for my comments on that e-mail to you regarding the refresh and the fact that I calmed down only after you told me to keep the faith for the 20,000,000th time and wait for the official reveal. For that, I will say:
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Originally Posted by brt3 View Post
[PS: Could you please tell us on which track the Z/28 was 3 seconds per lap faster than the ZL1? Since I'll be tracking the *$%#*@ out of mine, I'd really like to know. Sorry to interrupt the positive vibe... ;-) ]
It was said it was at the GM Proving Grounds (Milford MI) so assume it was on the "Lutz Ring". 2.9 miles/20 turns

From an SAE paper on the WEB:

The Milford Road Course is a new 2.9 mi (4.6 km), 20 turn, configurable closed course with 135 ft (41 m) of elevation change, constructed at the General Motors Proving Ground in Milford, MI, USA. This facility provides a convenient and safe venue for engineers to evaluate vehicle limit performance over extensive combinations of vertical, lateral and longitudinal acceleration at a wide range of speeds. This paper discusses the vehicle dynamics aspects of the facility design, simulation and construction.

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To OP:

: clap2:
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Sir, I have loved Camaros all my life. I graduated High School in 1990 and was infatuated with the IROC. Loved that car. When the 93 came out, the design blew me away. It was like you took the IROC and turned it into artwork with all the curves it had. I was so smitten with that thing. I bought a 93 Z28 (my insurance was more than the payment) and when I paid it off I bought a 1997 Z28. Then it was my Alpine White 2002 SS.

I have to admit I was SOOOO angry with GM for cancelling the Camaro and bringing out that truck looking thing (don't even know what it was called--don't want to know). I wrote off GM and purchased my first BMW.

Not that it was a, that little 128i was a great little car. Then someone gave me a ride in an M3 and I was sold. Here I could get my rear wheel drive Camaro fix in a car with seductive curves that always reminded me of that 4th gen (pre-98). I love my 2011 M3 and will NEVER let it go. The engine, as everyone here knows, isn't nearly as powerful as Camaro's biggest gun (or smallest gun either) but can sing a song like no other and move pretty fast while doing it. Its weight and build quality is amazing...thank you BMW.

I like the ZL1. It looks fabulous and is very strong but I never had much love for power adders. I prefer my cars to be au natural and as the nex gen M3 moves into the power adder direction of it's bigger brothers, I'm left looking for an awesome au natural car. Hence, the latest Porsche 911 GT3. I was heading into this direction up until the day you introduced the Z/28.

You have finally introduced the Camaro I need, the Camaro I want. As much as I love the looks of the 5th gen, it never gave me that same feeling as I had when I came home from a deployment and saw my first 4th gen car (Purple Pearl 93 Z28-I bought on sight and could never stop looking at it). When the ZL1 came out I was impressed, when the 1LE package showed up, you got my attention but I still wasn't convinced.

Now this...the mighty Z/28. It is back...with the slash mark too! Back to its roots, its heritage. You sir, have my FULL attention!! Au natural, no AC, no stereo/and carbon ceramics!! (I actually had to verify that with another webpage, I couldn't believe it--they're a 10K option on a 911 GT3)...3 second improvement over the ZL1? WOW!!

I have to admit I've been saving for the latest version of the 911 GT3. Car just wreaks awesomeness. I want to retire from the AF and spend alot of time on a track and I thought having a 911 GT3 would be a great way of enjoying it. Although it would, I would really prefer to be in a car that I've loved all my life. The car with the name that brings back great memories and can outperform some really awesome exotics (so you say).

I think Chevrolet and GM have finally pulled me back in and I have to say I'm proud to be back in the Camaro camp again (although I don't have one yet). Its nice to be home. Germany is an awesome place to live though I have to say. That frickin autobahn is something all us car guys have to experience.

So I will be waiting and saving for my 2014/15 Camaro Z/28. This time next year I will pull the trigger on a Camaro I haven't had or really loved since my 2002 SS. Not sure what color...

Will there ever be an Individual Program within GM, like BMWs, where we can pay extra for a color we so love that may not be available? Just thought I'd throw that out there. Thank you!!
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Great read brother! I won’t bore you or the other many Camaro enthusiasts with why and when I fell in love with the Camaro. What I can tell you is I’ve owned both a 2011 RS IMB and traded her in for a 2012 2SS IBM (for obvious reasons…lol). I have a great deal of respect for the V6 model and have loved my L99! I chose this car to represent my love for the Camaro and the Navy Chief Petty Officer’s heritage and I can’t tell you how proud I am of this car. I believe you when you say your team has given their all to bring us the best Camaro today! Please keep up the great work and lets hurt some Mustangs!


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Fbodfather, I for one think you got this car right. I am not just impressed but deeply envious of anyone who manages to snag a Z/28. And I will be figuring out just how I can do that myself if possible without parting with my current car. You and the entire team should be proud of this one, it's an enthusiast home run. RESPECT.

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When they brought back the Camaro in 2010, they did such a perfect and fantastic job it seemed there would be no room for improvement. They nailed it with this new Camaro and I personally could not imagine them doing it better or different.

I think the refresh may have come to soon because folks are still enjoying the previous models way to much. I don't dislike the refresh, it's not an improvement to me, it's just different.

There ain't nothing wrong with the current model. Nothing thing at all.
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