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Great Job on the 2014 line up GM and Team Camaro. I believe that when the 2014 SS is on the streets. Alot of crow will be served up to some of the ones that were so quick to insults and bashing. Thanks for the info and great write up fbodfather.
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On the Z/28... Perfection ! Great job, but...

You have 1 more box to check for Camaro heritage.

Build ONLY 602 of them, then retire the badge once again for another 40 years.
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The new Z/28 is awesome.You and the whole team put alot of time and effort into the whole Camaro program.Many thanks to all of you.
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Nice read. Thanks, Scott.

The hood extractor is still ugly.
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Scott, that was a great read!!
Congratulations to you and the Camaro team!

By the way, you did exactly right with the new Z/28

I knew all along this car (if it ever came to production) wouldn't just be some appearance package.
I've heard you talk before about how important it was to stay true to the heritage.

This is our 3rd Camaro (1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and now 5th Gen).

This new Z/28 is badass!
Job well done
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Originally Posted by Davie Dynamite View Post
I'm pretty excited to see the 1LE... and then order it... and then drive it.
Same here. Can you share anymore information on the 1LE or tell us when we will be able to see one?

As for all the negative comments, maybe some people have forgotten that we had no Camaro from 03-09. I think sometimes people post things they normally wouldn't say to someone in person not thinking about how harsh they may come off as. My first new car was a 1998 Camaro SS. I kept it for 12 years and really enjoyed that car. I also had an 86 Z28 in high school that I had a ton of fun with. Next year I plan on ordering a 1LE. I can't wait to go a pick it up with my 5 year old son. He has the car bug bad. I brought home a 2013 brochure and he actually hugged the page with the orange SS on it!
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It's not the batmobile!
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We can argue all day about the changes and will get no where. At the end of the day, the sales numbers will not lie. I see the Z28 doing well, not sure about the others.
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Rogers' Rocks :-)
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Thank you for the insightful remarks in the 1st post, some were witty and had me I love your sense of humor and wit, very refreshing. There is no doubt as to why you are "Fbodfather" A lot of responsibility to be the "custodian of the brand" and I can only imagine the pressure of that role and I don't think that there could be any other that could fit that role. I'm sure you've heard that many times (it's always good to hear though, right?)

It's always appreciative to get it from the horse's mouth(so to speak) about the history and lineage of the Camaro from someone who's lived it. As I read through your posts, it really puts things in perspective about the Z/ that I never understood until lately. It's what every boy that grew up watching racing and wanting to be a part of and having something that is or will make you feel like you're part of something special. What GM did back then (60's) with that car was something special and unique and those that knew or found out wanted to be a part of it, but it came at a price. It left others to dream and create their own versions, thus the plethora of clones and tribute cars.

And now it's starting over again, a chance for a new generation to experience the same. I can't wait to see how the new Z/28 will create and unfold a new legend. Bravo and kudos to the 12 disciples and the rest of the Camaro team for doing so.
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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Very nice write up Scott as always. I can honestly say that at first I was one of the people that wasn't to found of what I saw but was not going to say anything for certain until I can make the final judgment in person and certainly wasn't going to say anything with foul language or harsh judgment towards the hard work that every body at Team Camaro has put into it.

But in being foolish I made my initial assumptions on the refresh with the pictures that had been put up on C5 from the morning show. Now those pictures where no pictures to judge this car. With the new pictures showing up from multiple users I can honestly say that I have changed my initial judgment. I honestly have grown to like the refresh in its own way and can't wait to see the new Camaro in person. But as always the 10s will always have a special place to me since they are what brought back the Camaro to my generation.

And now that the "top dog" Z/28 is back a new generation can see the legend unfold.
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Originally Posted by Davie Dynamite View Post
I'm pretty excited to see the 1LE... and then order it... and then drive it.
Originally Posted by Camss57 View Post
Same here. Can you share anymore information on the 1LE or tell us when we will be able to see one?

I will admit that when I first saw the refresh I wasn't a fan. I have been staring at pics of the fifth gen almost every day since its release and to me the styling wasn't stale. I was pretty upset when those less than stellar pics were shown from the Kelly and Michael show. I am very resistant to change but in a period of a few days the new style has not only grown on me but grabbed my attention enough to push me towards a 2014 Purchase over a 2013. (Seeing the new Z/28 had a lot to do with those new feelings. ) Thanks Scott and the Camaro team for working so hard and offering so many different choices for Camaro fans.
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So, since you mentioned the difference in the V6 and the V8 models, can we see one now ( a '14 V6)? No one can tell the difference if there's no way to see it.
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Thanks for the hard work on the z28. I am happy to see it alive and well. While my ss will stay I am more than a little excited to see a z28 pass me on a road course.

Please update the GM Performance Catalog with the z28 goodies.
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I have to say I was really surprised at the Z/28. I was really confident that it'll be a gen 6 car. There are so many options that fit the entire pallet of people wanting a performance car, so to GM I shall tip my hat in your direction.
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This was a good read!
Ironman John
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