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Black XLR
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2006 hyndai sonata
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Hide! My wife's coming!
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Before the Camaro, I was driving an 09 Subaru WRX STI & 07 Suzuki GSX-R 1000... I miss them both
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Orange Old
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stray bullitt

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Just this century, I've had: 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee Diesel, 2003 Ford Focus RS turbo, 2005 Mustang GT Auto ( for auto read shit), 2008 Mustang GT manual, and then my 2011 Camaro. The average British driver changes a car every three years, as no one wants to be stigmatised being seen in a pile of rust.
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2008 BMW M5 V10 SMG.

Beautiful car, but E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E to own and maintain.
Cars and women are both going to give you problems...but you can pay somebody else to fix your car!
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2013 Chevy Tahoe.
My babies!!
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Back in a V8 ;)
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2008 GMC Sierra

I miss that truck.
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2nd mosted hated in NM
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before my 2010 ss I had 98ss.before that was a 95 z/28 and before that was a 89 rs, before that was a 85 z/28 i like camaros
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1998 Toyota Tacoma with 330,000 and still driving it.
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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
My 240. Wish I kept it for gas mileage alone lol.

Looks like rice...good thing you graduated from that crap!!
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100% Sport Møde
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2004 Ford Lightning which I still own.
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Originally Posted by Lil'BlueCoupe View Post
we had an '04 super charged Monte, when we got our 1LT Camaro we realized the Camaro ran circles around it, so we got rid of it for a Jeep Wrangler, if we are going to have something slower, it might as well be a Wrangler
It is a good thing we got rid of the Monte when we did too, the heater core decided to burst upon leaving the house to trade her in, I just pulled off the hose going to the core and looped it back to the engine, topped off the water and proceeded to trade that piece of crap in, that car was nothing but problems, I am even surprised I stuck with Chevy, however THAT was the only Chevy I ever had any problems with. That Avalanche never let me down, come to think of it neither did any other Chevy. I figured I got the one lemon behind me.
I will NEVER own a front wheel drive car again if I can help it, too much crap to cram under the hood in my opinion......friggen thing!
I only had 98,000 miles on mine when I traded it off. It was an excellent car until the last 5000 miles or so. I took it in and had done some routine maintenance on it including a fuel filter and then it started acting up. For years you touched the starter and it was running but after I changed the battery and the routine maintenance something happened to it. I had to crank it longer before starting. Mechanic put in a fuel pressure regulator because he pulled off the line that was attached and fuel was present, worked good for about 1 to 2 weeks and then back to hard starting. Changed fuel pump because mechanic hooked up and tested the fuel pressure and it wasn't hold pressure, again worked good for 1 to 2 weeks and it was back to hard starting. One day at work I fired it up heard a noise or thought I did, shut it off and then it wouldn't start. That ended the Monte. I enjoyed that car but when it started giving me problems it had to go and I am glad I made that decision.


We must think alike because I have been looking for a used Wrangler for a winter vehicle but used ones up north here are way over priced. Been looking for a pickup also but same thing.
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Dean Voss
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1968 SS Camaro

1968 SS Camaro with a 671 blower. Two 650 Demond carbs.
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