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Got my RX Super Chiller, now to install

I got my ZL1 Super Chiller from RX. Love it. Now I have to install it. Those that have installed one are there any tricks of the trade I should know.

Also, is it possible to take my car to my friends shop and have him remove the AC charge, drive it home without turning on the AC, install the super chiller and then drive back to have the AC recharged? Will this method hurt my AC unit?
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I have not done this mod yet but am seriously thinking about it. It is not a problem to do the ac recovery and then drive it. Just make sure the system is sealed up. Exposure to air will ruin the dryer. Also make sure and pull a vacuum for at least 30 minutes before recharging.

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a little late on the response, but as a courtesy to anyone who finds the thread searching or whatever , you would want your friend to recover all the refrigerant, down to as seep of a vacuum as possible with his equipment, and then fill your system up with a couple psi of dry nitrogen, also pull the compressor clutch fuse just to be safe

if you remove all refrigerant into a vacuum without putting anything back into the system soon as you crack open the first fitting youll be sucking in air to the system

and if you leave a couple psi in the system of refrigerant you're letting refrigerant out into the air which is illegal albeit it will be way less than if you didn't recover anything, and it would probably only take a second for the pressure to be gone from the time you cracked the first fitting
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