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Def gonna be a matter of preference but my stock exhaust didn't last 2 weeks after I got the car home. First mod IMO for the car to sound like it should.
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I did both simultaneously. First was intake and exhauste, then splitter and hash marks, then it was headers, wires and catch can, then it was anvil spoiler and wheels, then rockers and a catch can. I like to have an even balance of both.

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Performance is presence. The other crap is extra weight.
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Jason P
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3500 miles, look at my sig.
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Originally Posted by Jason P View Post
3500 miles, look at my sig.
Man I've been living on this forum for past cpl wks and I soooo want to mod the ****! Out of my car. But I hate to mutilate it because I assure you that bitch would weigh no more than 3500lbs when is be finished. Which is why I may just buy a 1SS and strip it to nothing, install either an LS7 or an equivalent high reving torque monster,decent track pack and include some 3:91s in it then practice road racing as much as I can. But I also thought about buying a new style ford mustang stripped down to bare essentials and putting an LS7 in it with a 6spd. I KNOW this CAN be done! Seeing how it faired then.

Life is short, drive it like you stole it!
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Well my first mod was the exhaust (Only 2 days after picking it up!), then intake and drop. Looking at wheels now due to the recent warrant work I had (Replaced lifters) done makes me nervous about doing the cam, lt's, etc. until my 5/100K powertrain warranty is out. At that point I will be footing the bill anyway.
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I had full exhaust, intake, cam and nitrous before I even tinted the windows

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Originally Posted by Dox057 View Post
I, personally, AM doing them in tandam. I did my gills and tint this past weekend and I'm doing my CAI this coming weekend. I was jsut curious about putting it to the community and seeing what they intially did or do place more emphasis on.
I hear ya. I did my heritage grille first - removed the bowties and installed retro SS badges front and back. Then I installed a Catch Can and a CAI cold air induction and Apex air scoop (very noticible difference). Then I painted the engine cover and installed the underhood bowtie. Next will probably be axelback exhaust but I'm in no big rush - since I got my Range AFM Siabler I can live with stock exhaust for a while. Have fun!
2013 1SS/RS Coupe L99, Stainless Power Works LT Headers, SCT X4 Custom Tune from RDP, CAI Inc. Air Intake w/ Apex Scoop, VMAX CNC Ported Throttle Body, Solo Axle-Back Exhaust w/ J-pipes, Apex Catch Can, Husky Splash Guards, Heritage Grille, 3D Carbon Rear Spoiler, Oracle Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs, GM Reverse Light Trim Billets, Gorilla Black Locking Lugs, Emblem Pros Retro SS Badges/Custom Retro SS Kickplates/Under-hood Bowtie, 35% window Tint
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The Camaro is an awesome looking car, but forced to choose between looks and performance, I'd take the performance.

Since the car looks so good stock, I'd focus on performance first. Makes the car a lot more fun to drive...and when you step on it, people will know

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I'd agree with your wife but I'm also not hugely worried about power, not a racer and no intentions of much performance wise beyond a catch can, CAI and MAYBE an exhaust change and even that last part is up in the air when my car arrives.
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I prefer both. If you want to look fast you need to be able to go fast. Which is why i'm making 900whp on 22s LOL
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Only reason I haven't painted my old 4th gen is because paint doesn't make it faster.
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it is a friggin camaro!!! performance all the way man. the cars already look sweet, and sure you could make them look sweeter, but there is nothing like a camaro with a nice exhaust note and the hp to back it up.
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Norm Peterson
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Originally Posted by Dox057 View Post
but my wife asked, "If you don't intend to race, why wouldn't you do the cosmetic stuff first and make the car look the way you want before worrying about performance mods? People SEE those, no one will know about the performance mods except you?"
Nobody else has to know exactly what performance mods you might have done.

The opinions of the folks who do pick up that the car is not mechanically stock will be worth more than the opinions of people who can't see past the surface.

Did or do you place more emphasis on aesthetics or performance?
Performance. All-around performance, actually. In a very subtle, stockish-appearing package. We used to call them "sleepers".

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