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DI Resin

I have a CR SPOTLESS De-Ionizing Spotless Water System (Costco), and I'm on my second batch of resin.

Replacement Resin seems to be like Toner Cartridges for Printers; Expensive and the Manufacturers/Suppliers really cash in.

Research has led me to the possibility of Regeneration of the resin by using Lye and Muriatic Acid, but I'd rather avoid the hassle and danger.*resin*.html

Is there a company that sells regenerated resin (like reman. toner cartridges) as well as take in the used stuff?

I'd rather recycle and not toss for economic and environmental reasons.
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doubt it, the people that would need this service is a very very small group of people vs the people that could use a printer ink service is pretty much everyone.

I've never heard of anything like that for DI resin, sorry :(

Please check out my youtube detailing channel:

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Look for a local water treatment system dealer. DI beds are common in industry and are used in medical facilities as well. We use DI beds where I work and we simply exchange the beds with a supplier and they do the cleaning process. They may not do an exchange for you if they are certified as these are used for medical purposes and they can't afford contamination from an unknown source. But they may sell you resin or assist you in finding a better source. These are normally used in conjunction with an Reverse Osmosis system that precleans the water.
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