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My Camaro journal still in the making

My goal is to have a Camaro. My checklist and goal Camaro:
Trim: 2LT or 2SS or Synergy edition
Options: RS
transmission: preferably auto since there are many hills and stops and traffic but will use stick and it my first car
Color: Any color except imperial blue prefer 1. Black 2. White 3. Red

Find out about 5th gen Camaro ☑ 2007 auto show
Learn about the Car ☑
Save money for used one ☑ saving before discovery
convince dad ☑ Barret Jackson test drive literally 20 times
convince mom ☐
find Camaro in price range ☐
buy Camaro ☐
Modify Camaro ☐

How I convinced my dad:
This year they had Barrett Jackson show in OC and My Dad and I went. We been planning for months on going and he planned the weekend off from work. Chevy and fix and repair daily had a driving course set up. I convinced my dad to try the Camaro and he was hooked. We got back in line and we went 20 times "no exaggeration". They had 2010 black 2SS RS and IOM 2SS and BOTH of the cars opened up while my dad driving them . On the Orange Camaro they had a straightaway in the course after 3rd time using that car the exhaust became louder and the car went faster than before during the straightaway and the black car opened after the first turn. During the run a Shelby pulled in ahead and my dad was following close behind until the car killed the speed. The "professional" driving the shelby hit a cone also and kicked it under our car and that also slowed him down. I was in back seat filming "will try to post videos later because the laptop I am using not well for video" and I still had a good time. I asked if I could take a test run but they said no. I think 14 good enough

The Ford both on the other hand turned him away because they were very strict about how you can drive and that you had to 18 to RIDE in a hot lap. Chevy rule when driving Camaro was "drive however you want as long ass you don't knock over the cones" and my dad definitely took advantage" The eChevy booth even the policeman checking for anyone that is drunk said hi and was friendly and recognized us from other days. The employees in the one of the Camaros on Sunday was an ex race car driver and gave my dad tips on how to drive the course faster. The other guy was calling my friend and I beavus and butthead and was enjoyable person to be around.
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