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to all those serving and that have served!
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HooYah!! Navy 2004 - 2012
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Very cool.

USN 2008-Current
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CyberPunk223, you sure have a weird philosophy. Too bad much of it is not based on facts, Anarchism? We all need government to protect us and keep the peace. You sounded like a greedy right winger there bitching about taxes and Obama. Nothing I hate more than those weasels. But then you started complaining about police. I believe that the right wing won't let Obama close Guantanamo. Not his fault. The IRS thing is a tempest in a teapot started by Bush appointees. The werent auditing people based on their political views, they were auditing them more if their names and missions showed some indication they may be involved in politics, which they cant do and be a 501c3 tax free org. There is a difference. Everyone who has investigated it has concluded what the IRS did wasnt politically motivated. The truth doesnt seem to matter to right wingers however, if they think they can pin anything on Obama's admin. True Iraq was a mistake, but our military did as ordered for the most part and performed admirably and sacrificed much. It is Bush and Co and anyone agreeing with them that should pay the price for that mistake and the one to three trillion it will cost. McCain insane? Possibly. Obama gives money to Al Quaida? No. TSA tight security needed? Obviously yes. At least with the mistake of Iraq, we wont be going into Iran or Syria as easily as we might have otherwise. Hitler was an insane megalomaniac dictator. We have elected leaders. Our main problem is people who hate us because we dont share and practice their religion the way they do. Seems like you havent been watching the news. We are freer than most. Seems like Somalia may be more to your liking. Aside from. Anyone's political beliefs, all Camaro owners should be thankful for those that risk their lives for us and have given life and limb to protect us. Thankful to some of the idiots that have sent them into harms way? No. But to them, yes.
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US Army
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Originally Posted by Bauer2 View Post
Very true!! It's not about hot dogs and hamburgers either :p wish the best to all my brothers and sisters serving.
USN 1997-present

Sent from the fast lane!
I work nightshift at a bakery production plant, where we make only hot dog and hamburger buns, so to me, it seems like all people want to do everyday is cook out during the summer... I get sick of seeing hot dog and hamburger buns... lol

But I have much respect for those of you who serve and have served. Whenever I think of the army though, I tend to think of Jerry Lewis movies or Abbott and Costello:

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Space Shuttle Aficionado
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I will be hanging out my American flag.
2010 Chevrolet Camaro CGM 2SS/RS
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Lil' Nasty
[COTW 4/13/15]
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God bless the men, women, and 4 legged partners that serve this great country of ours
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I Got My Orange Crush
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God bless 'em all!

USAF 1984-2004, Dept of the Air Force 2004-Present

My love is in league with the freeway. Its passion will ride, as the cities fly by, and the tail-lights dissolve in the coming of night. And the questions in thousands take flight ~Robert Plant - Big Log~
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God Bless Our Military!

US Army Quang Tri Province 1969-1971
1 of 56
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Semper Fi to all my brothers/sisters before and after 87 -91
And to all others in different branches thanks for the sacrifice you have made.
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Proud to have served! US Navy 1989-1993
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Originally Posted by BlackIce1066 View Post
Please remember to support your troops this coming Memorial Day. Its not about a three day weekend, its about remembering what our veterans have done for us. We have the liberties that we have because of men and women that gave their all.

AMEN to the past & current greatest generation, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice or those whose bodies aren't whole but who shoulders our country stands on!

Nam era draftee US55191872
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Black Ice
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