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MSD Dashawk observation/tests

Ok... so I dug the old MSD Dashhawk out... I was kind of surprised it worked perfectly! If you are unfamaliar with the Dashhawk you can read my write up:

I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what things to really watch but did notice a few things...

Ambient temp was 73 degrees... Inlet temp pretty much stayed right at 81 degrees... I did some ummmmm... pretty long, hard runs... temp only climbed to 86...

At WOT and about 5000 RPM I seen the timing was locked in at 24 to 25 degrees..

Seen the torque management kick in on the upshifts... timing dropped from 24 to -8 and shifts are a little to soft and a little to long... I definitely think you could shave some time off your ET simply buy making these shifts a bit firmer/faster...

The Dashhawk of course does some performance testing... 0-60MPH and 1/4 mile... I know these are not exact test... but historically the Dashhawk has been fairly accurate... Will do for now until I can get to the track!

Here's the 0-60 test... full tank of gas and a morbidly obese driver... oh, and the car had no cool down! I drove out to the middle of no where and had been on the road for about an hour...

So 6 second 0-60 is right about what I expected... Fairly hard launch.. tires did slip a bit.. heard them squawking back there! LOL!

Now... I did work up the nerve to try the 1/4 test... Unfortunately I hit the wrong button before I could get a picture... D'OAH!!! The Dashhawk came up with 14.43 @ 98MPH.... hmmm... not bad at all!!!

There is one company that should a 30RWHP doing a CAI and cat-back... they claim no tuning required.. Unfortunately no one has the ability to tune the car yet!!!! ARGH!!! So I think with very simple bolt-ons and tune this car just might break into the 13's...

Now.... we need to pressure the tuning companies to step up the pace to get a tuner out for this car!!!! LOL!
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What numbers did you use for the drag coefficient and frontal area?
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I've seen a few cars using this tool. It is a great way to measure performance and how to improve the way you drive your car. It's good to see this being used with the V6.
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Nice. LOl it's not "old" it's only been out a couple years. There is a newer revision out.

Old is using a paper clip on ODBI version 1.0 to get dash lights to flash the SOS.
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@AJ I didn't bother with that stuff... those number are used for the HP calculator... Taking the car next Saturday for a baseline dyno... woohoo! LOL!

@The Blur Yep, a very handy little tool... I used it a lot on my supercharged V6 Mustang... was nice to watch the IAT and Timing when going down the track....
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thats a great 0-60 time for the LT
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Very nice!! The V6's are some badass rides!!! Congrats!
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