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Drives: 2013 Triple Black ZL1 / 2006 TB SS
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Thumbs up Installed new mods: Kooks 1-/78" LT's, VMax TB, Pfadt Rear Sway bar, DR's & Misc

I just finished installing a round of mods today that I started over the last couple of weekends. Here are my observations. Only previous performance mod was K&N CAI.

- Kooks 1-7/8" black ceramic coated LT's with Green cats
I was surprised how easy it is to install LT's on this car. Plenty of room.
The only problem I had was a cross-threaded O2 on the factory manifold
so I bought new O2's. I decided not to cut the belly pan; so I used fender washers to spacer the rear part of the pan down for clearance which worked fine. Car definitely runs stronger and as expected I lost about 1 psi of boost according to data logs.

I should mention the ceramic coating definitely helps keep the under hood temps down compared to regular LT's; but the coating really helps cool down the LT's in no time flat when the car is shut off.

Sound is definitely louder than stock at idle and especially WOT; but sounds the same when cruising around.

Pfadt ZL1 Spec Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
Another easy install. It's lighter than stock (but larger diameter) and tightens up the rear very nicely and gives more over steer (I still have the stock front bar) which it what I was looking far. I also preloaded the right side by stiffening it up more than the driver side to stop the wheel hop and "skip out" when it shifts and so far it works. My only mod was to remove the Pfadt sticker from the bar.

VMax ZL1 Ported Throttle Body
I just installed this today and this by far is the easiest mod to install. 4 bolts and you're done. But what a difference in throttle response; smooth and responsive compared to stock. I also got back the 1 psi of boost I lost from the LT's. I can blip the throttle at low speeds and you can hear the bypass valve open and close (like a sneeze) which sounds really cool. It's nice to get rid of some of the lag that is so common on a ETC vehicle. Probably the best bang for buck mod out there.

Nitto NT-05R Drag Radial
I bought the 315/35/20 size for the rear and these tires are sticky; much better than the regular Nitto DR and just as soft as the MT DR (which I ran on my previous car). Good looking profile as well. Only down side is they only have 6/32" of tread. Time will tell if they hook well at the track; but I'm expecting them work well to based on my first impressions.

NGK TR7-IX Plugs and Firecore 50 Wires
I used to run the Firecore wires on my previous car because they're easy to install (positive clicks), can take the heat from LT's and seemed to help the car run smoother (imo). They're also solid black which fits nicely with the black headers. So I ordered a set and made sure to reuse the stock heat insulators. I know these wires were used on some of the COPO cars.

As a safety measure I swapped the stock plugs for the TR7-IX. I know there's big debate here whether to use a colder plug; but in my experience it helps keep the combustion chamber temp down which is especially important on a modded, boost motor.

I also have been experimenting with different blends of 93 and 100 octane gas; but finally settled on 91 clear (no ethanol). The fuel trims are near perfect (except for decel) and I see very little if any KR at WOT. I may add some 100 octane when it gets hotter; but for now it's fine.

Overall, I'm very happy with these mods and was initially nervous about changing the car too much where it would take away from the car; but I love it.
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