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I wonder if anyone has ever totalled their Camaro as soon as they pulled out of the dealer lot?
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Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
Drove it to SafeLite to get the windshield replaced from the rock that hit my windshield less than a mile after pulling off the lot
DAMN! I'd be pissed!
Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
On 8/21/09 drove straight to my buddies body shop and installed the SS emblems
to the fenders where GM should have put them in the first place.
We are the opposite. Both of my 5th Gens were fully de-badged before leaving the lot.
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Rock on
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took it too the only muffler shop I could find open on sat and cut the mufflers off
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went to work. 3rd shift. lol
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Which one? My first Camaro was a '67 I got in '76 when I was in college. I took my girlfriend to the drive-in and broke in the back seat. My present one I got in mid-December, so I brought it home, parked it in the garage, and watched TV until April.
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Took the car and the wife out for dinner.
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Couldn't stop laughing nervously with excitement.
Filled it with Petrol.
Burnt up a Porsche and an Audio on the Motorway on a 120 mile drive home.
Went the fastest I've ever been.
Took the Girlie out for a Spin :-O
Came home and read the Manual many times.
Started the upgrades list.
Looked out the window every 10 minutes and laughed a lot :-)
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I know what I didn't do! I didn't sleep all night tossing and turning out of excitement. We made the deal late and ended up leaving the dealer at almost midnight. I couldn't wait to drive it all over town and show her off to family the next day. First and only Camaro in the whole family.
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I was going to visit my girlfriend for her birthday, (this is a day before her birthday) well the dealership where I was looking to buy my Camaro was on the way, so I took off a couple hours earlier from my town, stopped at the city before her city, bought the car, than showed up at her house.

When I pulled in her mom saw my car and was so excited for me, she told my girlfriend and she did not look as excited. We went out to eat somewhere that night and she didn't say a word about my car, we ended up taking her car. If I mentioned anything about it she would dismiss it right away. (I should mention I did mention that I wanted to trade off my Impala, she felt I didn't need even a newer car)

The next day we went out to eat lunch, and took my car this time. She was asking all sorts of questions, like what are those gauges for (the 4-pack), etc. That night we went out to the bars and we were hanging out with her friends and she actually brought up the subject to her friends saying how I just bought this brand new car, they all wanted to see it, it was really nice seeing her excited about it too.
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I planned itnout perfect and when I took delivery of her on June 1st, 2009... I took a weeks vacation off. :-)... the first day/night I put 150 miles driving to all my friends houses and did my first burnout ;-)

sent from my galaxy s3. that would explain the errors.
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Ate at Sonic.

Then drove two hours home and sat in the car for three hours reading the manual and messing with stuff.
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Drove it home and got it out of the rain.

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Drove it the 200 miles home. Longest road trip it's had so far in 15 months. Right now my post to mileage ratio = .75 posts per mile.
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Inferno Orange 2SS-RS
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I drove it off of the lot.

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