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2014 Buick Regal GS as daily driver..anyone drive a GS?

I know the 14 is not out yet but I will be in the market to replace my wife's Audi A6 this fall. She loves the Audi but it is an 06 and it has about 70K on it and it has been trouble free. We purchased an extened warrranty that runs out this fall. The Audi's can be really expensive to fix so we are considering replacing it. A new A6 is just too much money now they have gone crazy in price...

My wife has a short this of must have's on her car. All wheel drive, Xenon headlights, high safety rating and good nav system.

The new 2014 Buick GS has me intriqured as it comes with optional all wheel drive this fall and Xenon lights, collision avoidance and heads up display. Fun and sporty looks and has real promise.

We have always had german cars for our daily drivers and Volkswagon has gotton away from all wheel drive in their cars and she wants a car not a truck. Audi's have gotton pricey and my wife works for a care dealership here in town that has mainly domestic cars so we are looking at the Buicks, namely the GS and the Lacrosse.

Any thoughts.

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The Regal GS was on my list when I bought the Camaro. A great car IMO. The Regal is actually German, it was designed over there and is sold as an Opel Insignia (which is seen as a peer to Audis, etc).

You can also get the Chrysler 300 w/all wheel drive as well as the Lincoln MKZ.

The Cadillac ATS would be my first choice for a sedan.
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