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Drew NOel
Drew Noel
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Drives: '13 1SS 1LE AGM
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Location: NJ
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What kind of MPG are you getting - SS Standard?

What kind of MPG are you guys getting w/ a standard shift driving "Nicely" I know dealer says 24mpg.. wondering if you're babying it if you get 26-28?

(sorry if there's already a thread - I looked for the last 10 min - figured I'd just post)


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Drives: 2013 Camaro SS (+RS) + Hurst+ DME
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Location: Saint Louis, MO,United States
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I only got that 26-28 range when I drove from Saint Louis to Indianapolis- all highway, pretty much all flat, pretty much all just straight boring road, with cruise control at around 70 and wait for nearly 4 hours of driving to finally pass by. On my day to day (mixed highway 50%, city 50%) I get a true 19.2-19.5 avg. I'm not babying it but not thrashing either, but being efficient (high gears and using the tons of torque), hardly going over 2K RPM at any time.
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Drives: CGM 2SS/RS
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Location: Virginia
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Just took a trip to NY last weekend and got 24 MPG. Kept the cruise-control on and in sixth gear most of the time. Yeah...pretty much babied it. Don't see much more than 24 MPG if any.
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Drives: 2018 Hyper Blue 1SS 1LE
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City driving 15

Haven't done much highway driving (1300 miles).

Hope you didn't buy your car for fuel economy

* 2018 1SS 1LE Camaro Hyper Blue Metallic
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Drives: 2011 Callaway SC572, 2000 Firehawk
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Location: Irving, TX
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Right Now I am at 13.2 MPG.
2011 Callaway Camaro, 572 H.P
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Drives: 2016 2SS, Summit White, A8, NPP
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Trip last weekend highway 75 mph got jst over 25 mpg that is calculated not the computer though it pretty much matched. Computer said 28 ish when 60 in construction zones.

On the way back bucking a big headwind I got 23 mpg at 75 mph.
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Camaros Of Northwest Ohio
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Drives: 2013 SIM 2SS/RS, LS3
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Location: Perrysburg, Ohio
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Thanks for the Thread Drew NOel. I was wondering the same thing. My 2010 V6 Malibu was rated for 18 city / 29 highway / 22 combined. I seem to be pulling 31 Highway / 23.5 Combined with it. Thinking Chevy may be underrating the MPG.

Though I didn't order the SS for fuel mileage...
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Let's go Rangers!
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Sorry but my SS does not know the meaning of "babying".

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old school chevy rodder
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Drives: 2013 2SS/RS Manual,DM exhaust,CRT
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Oregon
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I get around 25 on the freeway..half that in the city..........
2013 2SS/RS LS3 M6 ,CRT, NPP, Forged 428 ls3 stroker, GMPP ported heads, Katech chain, Mast windage, Cam Motion Cam, trunnion upgrade, Stainless Power headers HFC, CAI w/kit, Vmax PTD, Fluidampr25% udp, LPW diff cover, BMR strut brace,trailing arms, toes, bushings, Rocket racing wheels,Toyo Proxes 4+, elite catch can, clutch reservoir, dash/body LED, DRL rewire, Sparks billet badges, Forza 3way, tint, MRT louvers, ZL1 spoiler, MGW short throw, Monster dual LT1S clutch, bleeder, support, high vol pump, Speed hut shift light, ACC flames stripes, Driven ls30 oil, NGK TR6IX , Granatelli wires.
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Guardians Of The Night
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Drives: Chevy
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I get 18mpg cruising at 100mph on the autostrata

About 21-22mpg when i come down to 70mph.
(SOLD)2011 SS LS3- All Black, Cammed w/ a few other mods...
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Drives: 2012 Camaro 2SS/RS
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I never look.....I enjoy the drive
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Drives: 2012 Camaro 2SS/RS Convertible, IBM
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I am getting about 18 mph mixed driving, but I don't drive the car to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. That is still good for a V8.

In 1992, I bought a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, titled out as a 1993 since it was a brand new model at the time. Funny how laws work. Anyways, the rig had a straight 6, or 4.0L I-6, was a HO, High Output engine, pushing 190HP, which at the time was considered great, along with the City/Hwy mileage of 15/20, it seemed great.

A month after I bought the rig, a V8 was introduced, a Chrysler 5.2L or 318cu in "Magnum V8" engine that pushed 225HP or so. I heard tell it was much louder and the MPG was worse, but I never had one. I was very happy with the I6, lasted me 198,500 miles.

Loved that rig.

Oh yeah, about the Camaro, 323HP for a V6 and 400/426 HP for the V8 and what????? 505HP for the 2014 Z/28 with a 427 engine?

Remember 20yrs ago, when the new Dodge Viper V-10 had 300HP................times change.
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Drives: 2012 2SS TF3, 1971 Chevelle
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I have never taken a real trip in mine, but I know that I can baby it and short shift it and get 18 around town. If I drive it for fun around town it hangs at around 11 mpg. I drove it an hour on highways and hit the reset in the dic once I got on, and at the exit I was showing 22 something.

My 2012 Cruze 1.4 turbo gets a true calculated 39 mpg on the interstate

I absolutely did not buy it (Camaro) for fuel economy. I absolutely got the Cruze for fuel economy. For 65K you can have it both ways! A 2SS/RS TF3 car and a 1LT/RS Cruze with the engine from the Eco car.

Sent from a Galaxy Note 2, far far away.
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Drives: 2013 2SS/1LE and 2009 R1
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I'm averaging around 17. I do a lot of city dining and some highway.

Sent from the fast lane!
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