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new member intro, experience...

Hey everyone. This is my first post on here, though im no stranger to the site or the vehicles. I love the site, the knowledge of everyone and the willingness to help each other out. Definetly no community like a camaro community!
Ive had multple 2nd 3rd and 4th gens over the years and I have a 77 trans am now. Just bout my 2ss a couple months ago and its fantastic, as u guys know. I dont know the 5th gen too well yet, but ive done everything you can do to a 77 so if anyone ever has questions im more than happy to help!

Now on to carid... sigh...
ive never bashed any company before. If I had bad buisiness id move on, but this time it was overly insulting. So I saw online offers a military discount, being a vet I like to utilize this when available. So I call and place an order for eg classics louvers for my camaro. The rep is very polite and continues to bounce between me and his manager to get me an additional discount off the regular 20% off price listed. In the end they take off 10 bucks. Cool, every bit counts! Throughout the call of getting my info he continues to ask about my military career where served what mos ect. And thanks me over and over again. I thought this is really nice to have a company in such support of troops and what ive done. Not too common anymore. So by the end he finishes by assuring me my product is in stock and says an addition thanks by giving me free priority shipping. Said it will be shipped next day and ill see it at my door in two or three days max.
Well 3 days pass and nothing so I call. They first are snippy and rude with condescending tone as I asked what the status is. I dont want to deal with it so I request a supervisor and am told she is the supervisor... sigh... ok. So she says shell look into it. 20 minutes later she says its backordered but will ship out next day definitely. She hangs up and I instantly recieve an email says ship date is 4 days from now... ok lied to twice now. Call again next day to work this out. I inform them they were so polite to me when I paid them, but when they had my money im a POS to them. She tell me then its going to be at least another 7-10 days before it ships! So I got off the phone, just now filled out the form to cancel my order. I spent some time tonight recearching reviews and its amazing how many awful reviews they have including on camaro5. I dont know how they are still in buisiness.
Its one thing to just have a rude rep here or there. But 3 reps in a row lie to me and one praises me for being a soldier to get my buisiness is appalling to me... just figured id share my terrible experience with you guys so you can do some research on before you order from them...
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That's typical of most online dealers. Bit of advice even with reputable online sellers is call them in advance of ordering verify the product is available to ship out as soon as you purchase it. This may seem like a hassle but it'll save you alot of headaches and time later on.

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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS/Rs & 77 Trans Am
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: uxbridge,ma
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Yup. Lesson learned lol. But I called and they assured me its in and ready to go. So hopefully itll come and that hassle can be forgotten
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