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Confused on L99

New to Camaro5

Just picked up a 2010 2ss Thursday for DD and got bit of a mod bug going on, I did search but still confused on some things hoping camaro5 can clear up some of the fog

I had a 06 GTO(LS2) it had a 102 fast intake, 102 NWTB, 102 CAI, 1 7/8 headers and cat-less mids(kook) and slp lm1 and made ~390 hp/tq (cant remember exact numbers but could sneez and hit 400 at wheels), no track times through.

Everywhere I read has full bolt on at 350-375 for L99 :(( I thought that the 5gen had better motors the ls2 :/ confused. same mod for mod ls2>l99. I know L99 has lower compression cuz of relives and a funky cam but 50-75 hp difference in ls2/l99.

I did read that plp are hitting low to mid 12 with full bolt on's; now can anyone confirm this as at full DD weight or r plp taking out seats and all the goodies to get times down to low 12???

Another last min thought. Coming from GTO world the best CAI was a hardcore intake some dude in FL make it from intake piping and took out a fog light and runs 9's, has anyone made such a kit for camaros yet...???

Thanks for everyone's' times looking fwd to hearing plp input on the subject.
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650HP soon to come
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Here is my dyno #'s with just a K&N cold air intake on my car:

since then, more work has been done and i havent had a chance to redyno it yet but I'm hoping that gives you an idea
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I was a little disappointed in my dyno numbers. With full bolt-ons and a tune, I was at about 350 HP / 350 TQ. Not sure if my 3.70 gears contributed to slightly lower than normal dyno numbers. It seems that some L99s do better than others, but there is also variation depending on the dyno.

My best time at the track last year was 12.8 something at 109 mph, so I think the power was there. I feel like I could've done better with cooler temps and more practice. My 60' ft was 1.99 sec or thereabouts. This was with all the mods in my sig, minus the blower.

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Headers, cai, pulley and tune you will probably hit 400rwhp. I'm at 382 without pulley. With what I stated and a set of dr's I have seen mid 12's
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the fast intake and 102 throttle might see peak numbers higher on a bolt on care but low end and average would suffer. a supercharger or big cam would see gains from bigger throttle body and fast intake. cold air intake (rotofab, cai, adm) headers (kooks, arh) and a tune will liven up your car especially a good tune by a pro for your engine and transmission.

if you are even remotely close to southern california i highly recommend Ryne at Cunningham Motorsports in temecula.
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The difference in RWHP that you are seeing is drivetrain loss. The L99 drivetrain soaks up more power than the GTO drivetrain. LS3 intake is way better than a LS2 intake so a stock cam L99 will see little to nothing from a Fast 102/102 while the LS2 would have probably benefited greatly from it.

The bolt on mods that make this car fast are a good cai like a Vararam, CAI inc with race scoop or ADM race W/scoop. Any brand 1 7/8-2inch LT headers. Power doesnt really seperate the brand of header just the quality and fitment does. Of course a custom dyno tune. Some tuners even know how to extract extra power from the L99 by playing with the VVT tables. See Rhino or Lethal performance for that. Quality torque converter matched to your mods. While the 6L80E trans doesnt benefit as much as the 4L60E it does still help by as much as .1-.6 in the 1/4 depending on type and brand. I think the FTI and Circle D might perform the best. Once you have a torque converter the biggest help will come from wheels and tires. They reduce weight and give you alot more width and sidewall depth for added traction. The cheapest set up to drop some weight this way and not change brakes and suspension componets is 18x8 front and 18x9.5 rear. Probably the lightest wheels in that size are TSW Nurb's and they are not crazy expensive either. The above setup will be an high 11 second car in 0 DA with a 1.6 60ft. There are some other small things you can do like ported TB, trailing arms, cradle bushings, underdrive pulley, ported intake, 3.70-3.91 gears,and those small things add up but they arent as dramatic of a improvement as the other bolt ons I listed.

Of course this car benefits greatly from a cam/heads, more displacement and FI but thats a whole other can of worms and really what LSx car doesnt benefit greatly from those kinds of mods.

To answer your other question full bolt ons, full weight L99 cars run between 11.6-13.5 depending on DA, track and driver
BLK/BLK 1SS/RS Ordered 11-01-2009 Took delivery 12-22-2009. Heads/cam/converter/bolt ons. SOLD Feb 2015 to fund 6th gen LT1 SS with 8L90E.
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Pro Stock John
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390 RWHP in a auto GTO with stock heads and cam? I've been told the LS2 intake is not that great so maybe right?

I went from 315rwhp to 368rwhp, 13.15@106.7 to 12.37@112.5 with mods in sig, only about 25 lbs out of the car.
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12.06@113 1.70 | + CD 3200 + 18" NT05R + RCR Intake + NE OTR + GPI Tune
11.84@115 1.59 | + 3.91s + Race Star 17x7 Fronts
10.90@125 1.47 | + GPI VVT Cam + BW Ported Heads + CD 3800
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now when you talking full bolt on are you including intake and TB or would a good port job work, I know ls3 intake and are 100times better then ls1/2...
and some 18's and sticky tires...
Sounds good
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