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Dunno. But a Corvette 7 will be in my garage, possibly later in the year, more likely it will be a 2015, Fall of 2014.
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2 weeks ago I traded my 12' Grand Sport for a ZL1. Both are fantastic cars & each have their advantages. For me simply, the wife did not enjoy driving the corvette & she really missed her 2010 RS SS. No brainer.
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I feel the Corvette is a far better car. Two things stood in my way in terms of purchasing. The first issue was price. The 1LE is such a great bang for the buck, and $10K plus less than a base model Corvette. The second issue, and this will not effect everyone, was interior room. I test drove a Corvette (2010 Grand Sport with 18K miles on it) a month or two before we ordered the 1LE. The car ran great, and I got a chance to push it a bit. No Jeff Gordon commercial, but the sales guy was squirming. I loved the car, but on my way back to the dealer, I hit my thigh with my hand making a turn.....i simply did not fit! I went right in an sat in a 2013 Camaro, and the driver room was noticeably better. I will get a Corvette some day, but I will have to do immediate seat mods to fit.
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Camaro, duh? This is a Camaro forum
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Corvette ..although, I need a backseat for the next few years and the Camaro was as close to a vette i could get.
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I feel the vette obviously has the edge on weight, handling, power, and all around performance.

But the Camaro has it on everything else, I feel like it looks cooler/tougher/muscleier/sexier, the interior I feel is miles ahead, the camaro doesnt feel as "dainty", the interior room, etc.

I just love it, they did a great job with the 5th gen.
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For me it's the Camaro. When I was car shopping, I could've easily gotten a used Corvette C6 for the same price that I got my Camaro. The reasons I got my car were that 1. I was already in love with the Camaro5 and 2. It needed to be practical. Now I'm not saying the 'vette is impractical, but it's definitely lower than the Camaro, and the roads here in Lebanon are in terrible condition. Plus I like the idea of having rear seats and a usable boot.
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Always been a camaro fan...never a fan of the vettes....they sell vettes at the dealership I bought my ss/rs at....never saw a vette and said gotta have one of those.... When I saw the new 5th gen camaro.....I was in love...Had to have one.....I'm just as happy with it now as I was the day I drove it home...maybe more so's paid for...and has been for over a year...
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Originally Posted by SS PANTHER View Post
I have owned a 1970 454, 1984 Z51, and a 2004 C5 Corvette. Pictured is my best friends 2013 427 convertible with my SS. The Corvette's are typically faster, handle better, and get the same or better mileage. I love Vettes, but, my favorite car of the many performance cars I have owned was my 1969 Z/28. I was going to get a GS convertible, but, I loved the styling cues of the '69 implemented into the Camaro5, and the Camaro is more comfortable, with better leg room and has somewhat useable rear seats. Also my fully loaded Camaro was almost $20k less than a comparable GS Corvette convertible. My best friends' 427 is incredible though. No comparison in performance. He smokes ZL1’s all day long. If you want supercar type all around performance get a Z06 or ZR1. On the other hand, if you can afford it, my other good friend and colleague has a 2012 Porsche Turbo S and that smokes Z06’s, ZR1’s and 800rwhp Camaro’s all day long from a dig on street tires and gets 24mpg. The Camaro is a nice, good looking cruiser and I have no regrets at this time with my decision. IMHO, to anwser your question finally,a Z06 or ZR1 are more fun from an all around performance standpoint. Good luck with your decision.
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Have owned several of both...... The Corvette wins in my book.
Comfort, styling, handling and looks.

Had to have a back seat for now.

Don't get me wrong, love my Camaro, but when its time to get back in to a 2 seater, only choice in my book is a vette.

As to the post above about "Chevy's car" bill boards etc.....

They don't need top advertise the Corvette, it has been told to me several times by GM executives...... everyone they build, is or gets sold.
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I've been lucky enough to have a friend that currently owns a C6 automatic and her husband previously had a C5 Z06 with twin turbos and they let me drive both of them. While they were fast, handled amazingly and extremely fun to drive, I just couldn't see driving one every day. I'm only 5'11" but it wasn't much fun getting into and crawling out of them. They would be perfect weekend warriors though.

My Camaro (first one I've ever driven and owned) fits me very well. I've always been a Mustang guy and owned several of them but the new body style just hasn't grown on me and actually turned me away from them! The test drive of my 1LE sold me almost instantly.
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I had 2 Corvette's, a 62 and an 05 C6. Iliked the C6 till I got my 2010 Camaro SS. Then I didn't drive the Vette much. The 2010 Camaro is my 6th Camnaro, so I guess I'm a Camaro guy. I get more looks and cpmpliments in the SS then I did in the Vette.
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I like them both equally.
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At some point in my life I would like to purchase a Corvette Z06 (or if my future pays well enough off, a ZR1) or equivalent but I will always be a "Camaro Guy".

Corvettes are one of my Top 10 favorite cars but the Camaro has a special bond with me, it's a family thing too
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