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Steve Dallas
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Road Trip, and a question

I was curious if any LEO's (or other people) have an opinion on something that happened today. Before I get to that, quick background. I was on a road trip from Seattle to eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Northern Nevada, Northern California, then back up 101.

I drove through a town called Beiber (I guess I was just in Beiber?), but that's totally unrelated to my question. I just had to use that joke.

Anyways, I was driving through a town called Port Angeles, which is a pretty large town (not really a city), and usually it takes about 15-20 minutes to drive through it.

As I entered the town, and ambulance came up behind me and I pulled over. After it passed, I got in behind it. It was doing 30-50 mph, depending on whether people ahead of it were pulling over. When I got behind it, there wasn't much traffic, and I wasn't following very close (50-150 yards, depending on its speed).

Basically, I was able to pace the Ambulance in the left lane, and people were pulling over to the right...and I was lucky enough to not have anyone pull into the gap between me and the ambulance.

Was able to get through town in about 5 minutes as all the lights were with the ambulance, and all the traffic kept pulling over (as it should).

It's not like I was tailgating the Ambulance, nor was I speeding to keep up...

I don't think I broke any laws by doing this, but you never know...saved me a ton of time though!
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