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Front windshield replacement issues

So I got a crack in my windshield and I needed a replacement window for 2011 2SS. The dealership wanted $632 plus another $100 for installation. They all use glass companies because they don't install the glass so they called the glass companies. The reason my windshield cost so much is because of the HUD and remote start. Well I got my windshield installed and noticed the black box was installed vertically when it was originally horizontal so I got to have them correct that. Also I noticed that my the front windshield was crystal clear where my original windshield had a tint to it. You could not look through my windshield so clearly. My windshield in made by Pilkington with the GM logo and the replacement windshield is Pilkington without the GM logo. Am I being paranoid or do you all camaros have a tint to the front windshield??? Anyone knows the difference between the vertical and horizontal box?? The vertical box is not obstructing my view when look up through the window. Thanks for any input!!
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I'm following this for answers as I had my windshield cracked by a rock on the way home tonight....
USAA at its best, pretty quick, I called them at 6:00 pm and have an appointment in the morning.....
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The factory glass including the windshield is rated for 70% transparency so any replacement glass should also have that same tint. I don't have the HUD so can't tell you about that part.

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Can you see your HUD? If so, I'd say you're fine.
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Drives: 2011 CGM Camaro SS/RS
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I see on the glass it says 70% but it seemed to be darker and yes I can see the HUD. I'll call the glass company tomorrow because I know they got to switch that box out, I was thinking they ordered the wrong windshield and the glass wasn't tinted. Thanks for the input.
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does it say DW01878GTY where the Pilkington logo is?
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I work in this industry so hope i can help you out a bit. Pilkington makes aftermarket glass that is considerably cheaper than the OEM pilkington w/ GM Logo. As far as I know the aftermarket glass should be identical in terms of the tint (which is a green color by the way). I get customers than come back because they also see the glass clearer but thats simply because its new. Your old glass was pitted (which is normal) from sand,dirt,debris etc so it doesnt "look" the same as your new windshield. Pilkington is made in different plant ranging from Canada, USA,Mexico and China so the actual color "hue" will vary depending what plant made ( to me Canada makes the best overall in terms of qualityand finish). As for the remote start it probalbly has to do with the installer or where the windshield was made , The installer could place it where he felt it went ( double sided taped it) Im not sure of this being possible because the glass usually have the brackets therefore its easy to place it in the same possition as your old one. Okay finally ( im speculating only and its my opinion) I feel the dealer contacted the auto glass company and they ( glass company) brought there own glass getting the one that doesnt have the remote start ( because its cheaper cost wise) and figured they would profit more and simply tape the remote start module anywhere it would work on the glass. With that said I feel the dealer shouldve supplied the OEM glass if you went to them to have it installed,you should of only pay half of what they charged for a non OEM glass . Unfortunately I see this happen more and more in this industry simply because the customer doesnt know enough to notice. I hope this helped you good luck.

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