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Need battery load test info for 2010 LS3 please

Hey all!

I just bought a 2010 Camaro SS/RS with the LS3 on Friday (6/28/2010) and I'm stoked about this car. Love it! It's my 6th Camaro so far in my life. It only has 15k on the clock.

However, after I left the dealership with it, I noticed that it was turning over kind of slow when I went to start it. So, I put it on a battery charger and found it was only reading 25% upon charging. I called the dealership and told them what I noticed and that I was going to charge the battery overnight and see if it helps. If not, I was going to call Service on Monday to have them replace the battery. My sales guy said that shouldn't be a problem..."when they could fit me in".

So, my question is, how fast does the LS3 engine usually turn over when you start it? I know this car only has 15k miles on it, but it's a 2010, so it's possible it's been sitting dead in someone's garage in AZ for a long time. I'm thinking it fried the battery; even though it's taking the charge.

Even after a good 12+ hour charge (12V/6 amp), the battery did show 100% on my charger, so I disconnected it in the late morning and left to do things for the day. Came back to start it in the late afternoon (117*F) and it turned over better than the day before, but still kind of slow for my liking.

So, does anyone happen to have the load test info from the service manual for this engine? I haven't been able to buy the service manual for the car as of yet. I'm thinking of going out and buying a load tester (or I do have a digital test meter on hand; if I can just use that instead) and testing it when it's being turned over.

My sales guy did say that service would come out and load test the battery when I came in and let me know if it was okay or not and if not, they would replace the battery for free on the spot; if they have one in stock. If not, they will order it and then replace it when it comes in.

I just have to pray it doesn't die on me in the mean time. :-/

Thanks for the help!
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well...the camaros hit the battery all at once with a lot more computer draw than most cars. I've noticed the same thing. My car isn't my daily and it only gets driven on the weekends usually. I'm changing my battery to something different, but I was told what mine does is normal. however, I have some friends with upgraded batteries that don't do it. I have always had the mantra that I will go 3 years on a battery then toss it. I guess that's where we are, huh?
-John S.

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-654whp with a few cosmetic things, Pfadt suspension, Vortech, CircleD, GPI ss3 vvt bump stick, gears, stuff in between,18" TSW N'rings for drag duty, 20" Forgestar F14s for street.

Thanks to:
Tony@ dv8motoring
rhino@ Gwatney Chevrolet/GPI Jacksonville AR
TCAudio in Benton AR
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With a fully charged battery my LS3 turns over slower than expected.
Not laboring like a low battery or over-advanced ignition timing, just slow.
My dealer performed battery a load test and the results were fine.
I believe it is a characteristic of the LS3.
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John - I appreciate the info. Ya, I know in these hot climates (AZ - where the car is from and where it's at now - NV), the batteries definitely go every 3 years or so. However, I'm trying to find out if it's dying, then I can have the dealer replace it because I have a 30 day "anything goes" type warranty on the car. So, if it's dying, I want them to replace it now and then I won't have to worry about it for another 3 years. But if I wait until after the 30 days is up, then if it goes, I'm stuck paying for it myself.

sloSS - That's EXACTLY how I would describe it. It's not turning over slow like it's a low battery or bad timing, but it's not like I'm used to either. I did have it load tested by the dealer (after I charged the battery to 100% last Saturday) and it tested fine. They also said it "sounded normal". I even asked my dad to listen to it the first time I showed him the car yesterday and he even said it sounded normal to him and he's never heard any other newer Camaro start.

So, at this point I'm not sure what to do. Just leave well enough alone or what. I have 3 more weeks on my warranty. I guess I could wait about 2 more weeks and then hook up my battery charger and see where the battery stands. If it's near 100%, then I guess I'll let it go. However, if it's under 75%, I'll take it in and try and get them to replace it.
- Mat
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