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All About That Speed
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Gwatney Performance Innovations & Rhino79

I finally took a day off work and made the drive from Memphis, TN to Jacksonville, AR to see what Rhino/Ryan at GPI could do to clarify my tune.

Just a little background for those who didn't read my thread in the dragstrip forum...I had a cam and UD pulley installed by a guy in Southaven, MS who does great work. He worked with me, found out what I wanted and the install was top notch. But then the tuner that he took it to had a grudge with me because I didn't let him install the cam (even though I'd never spoken with him about installing the cam or that I was even interested in one). This person does all the tuning for Xtreme Auto Accessories in Bartlett, TN. Now, I will say that I would definitely have no problem taking my car back to the person who installed the cam to have work done, but I will never recommend Xtreme for any tuning. Any tuner who will put his reputation on the line or do a crappy job tuning because he's sore that I had someone else do work on my car will never get a recommendation from me. The performance and gains off his tune (although I did not have numbers) was not what I expected. My trip to the drag strip was disappointing and when I took the car to GPI, the baseline was VERY disappointing. That's where we get to the good part of this story...

Ryan at GPI greeted me, showed me some cars he was working on and some engines he was building and I was already impressed. Then we took my car back to the dyno to get some baseline numbers and find out what kind of mess we were working with.

The baseline tune gave us numbers of 442HP and 412TQ. I was honestly very stunned and pretty upset that the numbers were so low. Ryan looked at the tune and some of the stuff and we determined that the guy at Xtreme had left the stock timing tables, adjusted the AFR and timing incorrectly, didn't adjust the rev limiter and a list of other items...basically all the guy did was adjust the idle and some trims at WOT. So Ryan got in there, worked his magic on the computer and he was able to get my numbers up to 464HP and 435TQ. Now I will say that as happy as I was that Ryan was able to get the numbers up so much, I was also pretty upset that he was able to because that just goes to show how crappy of a tune that other guy gave me. It did, however, reaffirm that there is nobody in the Memphis, TN area I trust with tuning and I will ALWAYS make the drive to GPI for any tuning I need to have done.

After we finished with my car, Ryan took me out and showed me his bada$$ camaro...Man that thing is awesome...and when he says he fits his whole drag setup in his backseat and trunk...he means it! haha

Anyway, thanks so much Ryan and GPI, you got my numbers up where I wanted them and I had a great time coming out to see you!
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Appreciate the kind words man, love the car and you should get some really good times with it once it cools down some!
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GPI and Ryan are great to work with. Ryan could probably tune a car to refill your coffee when you get stopped at a traffic light!
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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
GPI and Ryan are great to work with. Ryan could probably tune a car to refill your coffee when you get stopped at a traffic light!
ill take that! lol
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