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washing my black camaro

I have a 2013 Camaro BLACK with 1,730 mile and tomorrow my buddy is coming over to help me wash and detail it.

I want and need to wax it but we got no shade to work with so we are just gonna give it a good wash.

So here is what we are going to do

-vacuum interior
-clean all interior surfaces
-wash car
-use rim and tire cleaner
-dry car
-rainX on windows

Is there any thing else we can do to make the car better and more clean? do you think this is a good plan?
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Me personally, I'd research a detailing shop, have them do a new car paint correction and opti-coat on it. Your life will be so much easier with a black car once you do! Just my $.02.

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it's mind bottling..
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Clean Wheel wells + dress them.
Dress plastic on exterior.

Maybe a wax or sealant for protection
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- Wash/scrub/clean Mats

- Vaccuum underneath Mats/carpet

- Dust off entire interior with duster

# wipe down interior with interior cleaner :
- seats
- plastic/rubber trim
- door inserts
- glass (separate glass cleaner)
- door jambs
- dashboard

# dry complete interior

# treat /condition interior:
- plastic/rubber trim
- door inserts
- glass
- door jambs
- dashboard
- seats

- remove number plates and wash/clean/wax separately
- rinse exterior with water/soap
- wash/clear/scrub wheels, inner wheel barrel, wheel wells
- wash exterior / door jambs with bug and tar degreaser
- decontaminate paint (TRIX/IRONX) with light agitation + clay - (paint, glass, plastic lights, wheels)
- clean exhaust tips
- wash exterior with regular shampoo
- wash exterior with wash 'n' wax
- dry exterior with chamois
- tape off plastic/rubber trim
- touch up paint - let it dry
- cleaner wax complete exterior (or) sealant
- regular wax complete exterior
- remove tape
- treat/condition rubber/plastic trim
- ensure streak free/clean glass
- replace number plates once complete
- wheel protectant spray / wax and tire dressing - let it sit overnight
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Search Ninja
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Every new car would benefit from striping any wax off with dawn or the like, claying, and reapplying wax. All of which can be had from any walmart or auto parts store. If you're going to really get into keeping your car looking it's best, i'd suggest a good sealant too.

There's a lot to learn about keeping your car looking great, especially black cars. There are lots of very good threads in here on how to do that. Camaro Dreams has a nice list of very good products, floating around here.
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Not sure if you've seen the sticky at the top on washing, but it helped me tremendously when I bought my Camaro last year. It's CFM which is just about black...
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Microfiber towels are awesome when it comes to drying!!
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Rock on
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Take it to a park or something you can always find some shade
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If you really want to put a wax or sealant on, some can be applied in the sun. Turtle Wax Black Ice can go in the sun. I have used Meguires spray wax in sunlight without a problem.
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very tough to clean a black car in the sun spray waxes will streak and washing is tough in the sun as water dries extra fast. I am not a big fan of waxing in the sun but I am no expert either just the owner of a black car
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Get the Zaino Show Car Kit and start using that. Your car will shine like nothing else and it will stay cleaner between washes. The beauty of it is the Zaino stays on your paint and you can put on layer after layer.

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Meguiars ultimate quick wax is sun.friendly

Please check out my youtube detailing channel:

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washing my black camaro

I would strongly recommend the strip wash and clay. You would be shocked at just how dirty your car most likely is.

Like you, I just got a black 2013 with only 400 miles as of today. Yesterday, I had someone strip everything off and correct the paint. MAJOR difference! I'll try to get some pics up bit believe me you won't regret it.
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Dry your car with a Microfiber Waffle weave towel, preferably from Adam's. It's fast and works better than any regular towel or chamois i have ever used.
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