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He loved your car so much he wanted one for himself...

I mean, I get your being off put by it... one of my best friends has a summit white 2LT with inferno stripes, and when my dealer called me with one identical, but in an SS, I told him I couldn't be that guy... but what can you really do? No point in being upset about it- life's too short for petty stuff like that.
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Ummm, i would find it bittersweet.. ive had a guy come to me before that did this to his car, and wanted to know what could be done... so i told him, buy some plastidip, and spray your car. Then if he gets his car painted, peel it off.. haha
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GM copies mine all the time. I just saw one just like mine on the lot the other day. Bastards! LOL

Seriously though, that is kind of weird to copy it part for part.
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I would be kind of flattered but annoyed at the same time. I did the mods to my car to my taste and I really wouldn't want someone copying it. I did have a guy offer to buy my car last fall because he liked everything I had done to it. He wasn't BS'in either, he offered me blue book PLUS the cost of what I paid for every mod. I decided that I have my car like I want it and I don't want to just "give" it to someone already modded to my taste.

He has since emailed me several times asking me specific questions on my wheels, decals, lighting, etc but he lives in Cleveland which is over 100 miles from where I live which is a far enough buffer. One side of me doesn't want him to copy my car, but the other side of me is I really like to help people out.

Sorry this really isn't an answer to your question.

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JR 1

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It's kind of creepy to copy to that level of detail, but take it as a compliment.

Some people just can't create so they have to copy.
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I'd be pissed. I had a camaro here in town that tried to copy me. I would do something and the next week, boom they did it too!! No one could tell our cars apart and it really made me So I went online and ordered a few custom pieces and they finally stopped. Saw it the other day and it looks very boring compared to mine now.
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There was a guy in Lemoore where I was last stationed that did copied the look of mine but not the exact same parts. He went the cheep route so it looks shitty up close. But it was similar to the point where people would say that they saw me driving somewhere when It wasn't me.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery....but it still irritated me. Do your own thing man! Stop jackin my swag hahaha
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Are you done modding? If you are only at a stage, no worries...start work on the next set of mods to separate your car once again...and don't let him see
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One or two mods is ok. I find things I like on numerous cars and try to find a combination that is unique to me. I want my car to stand out from the others. Whoever he is obviously has no imagination and can't think of his own modifications. Still - it is partially a compliment, yours must be well done.
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Originally Posted by Minge View Post
So I got a new 13 convertible IOM in color and put some slp rims on it and did some hood spears and javelin stripes, zl1 rockers and heritage grill. I parked my car inside an aircraft hangar I work at until the weather improved this spring. A person that works at the facility next door came over one day and asked to look at my car. He complimented me on my car and asked a bunch of questions and that was the end of it or so I thought.

So today I drive into work today and parked in the parking lot next to my place of employment is a 2013 IOM convertible that is a perfect clone of my car. He copied my car right down to the rims.

Would you be upset of flatered? I am a bit taken back by this and not sure how I feel.

Obviously, he wants to have your babies. I'd get an order of protection; possibly a bodyguard.

way too creepy. yikes
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Gone Euro!
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Pics side-by-side or it never happened.
Bye bye, Bumblebee!
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Originally Posted by strych9 View Post
Pics side-by-side or it never happened.
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Park your car right beside his and switch tags.
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Get a custom liscense tag...cant duplicate that

Trey Jenkins
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