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Arrow Ultimate Issues Inspection Checklist for delivery at dealership

Please refer generally to this Issues forum ( for troubleshooting/diagnosing any issues you may have.

It's unfortunate that this list has attracted the negative spin and attention that it did from other websites looking for a sensationalized story on the Camaro, and for those who still think that the Camaro has had widespread quality control issue, please take some time to read around on this forum and you will quickly realize that there has instead been widespread praise and satisfaction expressed by the vast majority of our members regarding the quality and experience of their cars.


2SS/RS with painted Rally Stripes

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I think this is a good idea .
6000 = Delivered To Customer-8/22/2009
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Very good idea. Sticky this
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2010 Camaro 2 SS/RS M6
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Great Idea, my car should be here in a few weeks (fingers crossed). I've been thinking about doing something similar
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Please do not use this thread as discussions/troubleshooting. This thread should be used to compile / contribute any issues not already listed in the first post of this thread. Thank you.
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Mine had a minor scratch on the passenger side windshield. It looked like they turned on the wipers without the blades installed. This is probably a isolated incident.
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Lloyd LeBaron
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mine had a run in the paint on rear quarter drivers side. already getting re painted picking it up today, hope it looks good.
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I am still trouble shooting my problem, it was believed to have a bad fuel sensor, they replaced that and still didn't fix the problem. They now believe it is a programming problem as they checked all the wiring. So it is going back to the shop next monday.

(Problem) The gas gauge is all over the place, sometimes full, sometimes empty, you can drive down the road and it says helf full then it reads 3/4 full. It isn't effecting the drive or anything just an annoyance and remembering to keep the tank full.
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Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
Thanks for creating this list. Sure will be nice to have when taking delivery. Actually, I will probably forward to the dealer before I show up to take delivery. Can someone consolidate CamaroSkooter's post above with the list on this post?

Also, saw a post yesterday about paint around the headlights. See
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Please add this - I had about 100km (60 miles) on when the bleed screw on the clutch slave cylinder came loose (probably not tight when it was done at the factory) and blew out all the clutch cylinder oil (clutch stays on the floor) - it went back to the dealer on a flat bed truck the first night I had it. This has been the only issue in the first 1000 miles..
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Old 07-09-2009, 11:56 AM   #12
rjt ordered 10-15 2ss
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Fuel gauge

My fuel gauge in my 69 use to do that LOL. My sticker on right rocker is peeling .
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Originally Posted by oilman63 View Post
My fuel gauge in my 69 use to do that LOL.
LOL I guess I can live with it then, did you even find a fix for it. I am beggining to think it is the gauge, if that is what it is then I am just going to live with it because there is no way in hell will I little them tear my console apart.
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My problem:
1. nevermind, it helps to look at it in the light to see that is the OFF button.
2. Seems like the paint is darker on the back side of the car than it is from the doors forward. This might just be how victory red is supposed to look so who knows.

Problem of a car at the dealership: The AC drained into the car instead of beneath it, causing a one month delay while they replaced the carpet and got the back ordered part in.

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