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catch can hoses

Hello all.
I have a quick question.
I'm in the process of installing an elite catch can and i'm having a hard time getting the new hose over the old line its super tight. is it ok to put a little oil or soap around the tubing to help it slide on easier?

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It won't hurt. I recall I heated mine in very hot water to get it to expand a bit.
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I bought another OEM hose and cut the hose off it so I could just use the ends for my catch can install.
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I got mine on with a little spit, but now that I have them on, I'm thinking that I should have gone the route of intensifi and routed it with more "hard" line from another factory hose. Also to note after you assemble the catch can be sure to clean it out with a wild detergent and or some compressed air, the fittings seem to break loose some aluminum shavings I'm sure you don't want inside your engine.

I am getting a lot more valvetrain noise from the add on hoses than from the hardlines, is anybody else having this problem? I am a real stickler for engine noises, and it sounds very annoying to me. I don't think I can here it from inside the car, but can definitely hear it from outside, almost sounds like a vacuum leak(already checked with soapy water and propane).

Any thoughts on the noise from hardlines vs softline add ons?

Also after 300 freeway miles after catch can install I got about a teaspoon of oil. I feel like I caught an evil gremlin in the catchcan. What should I do with the oil from the catch can; poor it back in or throw it away. At this rate I will be low on oil before its time for an oil change...
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I assumed that the noise I was hearing was air moving in/out of the catch can. I don't think you would hear air moving in the lines, so I don't think hard or soft lines will make a difference, but you never know.
As for the oil in the can, adding an oil catch can will not move more oil thru your PCV system. It only collects the oil vapors, and blow-by oil that would make it's way into your intake. I would not suggest putting any oil you catch in your can back into your car. I keep mine in a mason jar, and take it to my mechanic for disposal when I get my oil changed.
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After 1,200 miles

Here's how much the dirty side can caught after 1,200 miles. About 1 inch.
I would'nt put the oil back in the engine since I saw this piece of metal that seems to come from the filtering material on the top of the can. Bic Pen aside is to show how big the piece is.

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