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First a deer, then a racoon

I hit a deer last year with my Camaro and as absolutly unbelievable as it seems it did not damage the car except to the front air dam. I hit the deer at about 5 in the morning in the dark on the way to the casino and heard the awful crush of it going under my car. I decided to keep driving to the casino and look at the damage in the lighted garage. I get there and only see the loose air dam. I get to work (car dealership) and ask them to throw my car on the lift to see if there's any damage. About a third of the deer was caught up under the car. That was disgusting. They power washed it for me. No further damage.

Fast forward to this year. I hit a tiny raccoon on the way to the same casino. I wasn't even worried about it. Figured I would see any fur on the bumper in the lighted garage. Nope - this tiny raccoon destroyed my front fascia. Cracked it and left it hanging down. Go figure.

"Being persistant and never giving up may not always get the job done, but it just may annoy someone else enough to make it worth your while."
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It's the luck of the draw with these things. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not so much. I would say that with the deer, you were VERY LUCKY, but the raccoon not so much.
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Drives: '11 VR 2LT HHr
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I have hit deer /possum /racoons with my hhr ,s10 xtreme and my blazer xtreme.
The deer i think did the most damage to the hhr had just got chromed rally wheels and smoothy caps for it 10 hours earlier.
2011 Hhr
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Reminds me of when my dad hit a deer and it got stuck inbetween the wheel and the car and that was miserable for him to get the deer out, then the next time he hit a deer it only left some hair on the side view mirror and it went running off haha
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Drives: CGM 2SS/RS, 1987 & 2014 Silverado
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Last fall I had a deer run into the side of my truck, ran right into the drivers door and scrape paint the length of the truck, ended up denting the box behind the tire and tearing off my mud flap. Scared the $hit out of me, no blood but some fir by the tail light. I always have a push bar on the front of my trucks so they aim at the side I guess.
Two weeks later I hit a racoon in my Impala no damage just a big thump. I like animals but why do they hate me?

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I hope you have better luck at the casino.
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Leaving work tonite after a call-out, turned onto the road that I usually drive "spirtitedly" and thought about lighting them up in the rain. Saw four Does jumping across the road 100yds ahead. Decided to take it easy the whole way home.
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Old 08-17-2013, 09:45 PM   #8
run ur car not ur mouth
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Had a deer run out in front of my 85 IROC and where do you think he went.....up into the windshield. Luckily the deer caught my eye and I was able to slow down some. No damage other than soiled boxers.
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person in front me hit deer I tried to stop and get over but no one would let me over (@*#*$@($% people) to late an I finished the deer off at 65 mph... Most ungodly sound ever... Lost front air dam and I pulled over to my rear lower bumper dragging I popped in back on and went to work threw it on lift and saw the remains of the slaughtered deer poop brains etc.... other then losing my air dam and breaking the rear energy absorber bracket not horrible damage... Still need to buy that energy absorber.. its 180 bucks from dealer! :(
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Not about Deer, during the rain storm Sunday and Monday in Virginia, had a mini van go into the ditch, may be they was driving to fast, van was total.
Just Cruising!

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Sesiom Summers
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If I kill an animal... Im going to feel so bad.. oh wait... this morning I kill one squirrel... I feel so bad..

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I hit a raccoon at 120 in my old SS. Went thru the grill and took out the a/c condensor and ww resevoir. Not much left of the raccoon, just a few bits wrapped around the rad support. $2500 repair bill!
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Word of advice: Stop going to that casino, lol.
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