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"How could you not get an SS?" Or "AHHHHH you got a 6? That's a waste." Those are probably the most common I get. And I respond with "it was what I could afford, do you want to give me an extra 10k now and ill go trade it in to please you?" Never get any takers.
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Bout the only negative I've ever heard was from a guy in a Prius or something like it... Nasty comment about my carbon footprint... So I replied yup, I'll show you a carbon footprint... And laid it down with parallel tracks... They may still be there... Oops, sorry, he caught me in a bad mood...

One time at a car show, there was a polished Maggie car on one side of me and a Kenne Belle car on the other... Most of the "gear heads" would eww and ahh over the other cars and glance under my hood and walk on... The two other cars are owned by friends of mine... They were steering the "gear heads" back to mine stating the power difference... I had 200 rwhp over both of them... They never figured it out... Then up walks a 17 or 18 yo kid... He glances at the blower cars, looks under my hood... Shakes his head, starts to walk away... Then turns back, looks closer, the practically dives under the hood, without touching the car... We three are grinning... The kid looks through the grill, then smiles, turns to us and asks..." Where they at... I can't see them but I know they are in there..". Now the four of us had a great conversation... Very very sharp kid... Reinstilled my faith in future car enthusiasts...
If the car feels like it is on rails, you are probably driving too slow. -Ross Bentley

Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
Torque is how far you take the wall with you.

“If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

If you can turn, you ain't going fast enough...
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Adam E. Lucchesi
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I've posted this on here a few times. The first day or two that I had mine and drove to work, one of my co-workers came out to look at it and said, "That's not a REAL Camaro". Of course, he was talking about the fact that it's a V6. He has a 1980 Ford truck that you have to push down a hill to start... Literally.

But other than that, it's nothing but compliments on my beautiful ride. I love being behind the wheel.
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I dunno, my SS gets alot of compliments, but for some reason also seems to piss some off. There's this guy that lives around the corner and every time I drove by he puts his hands on his hips and yells something slow down!!! Last time he yelled I backed up and asked him what his problem was...Seems he confuses loud exhaust with speed. I told him the speed limit was 30mph and I was doing 21. He did'nt get it. Soooo, I told him I violated my own rules.. He said "what rules", I say "NEVER APPROACH A BULL FROM THE FRONT,A HORSE FROM THE REAR OR A JACKASS FROM ANY DIRECTION" NUFF SAID!!!!!!
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Love me some Camaro's!
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I get "orange, why orange?" "Its what I like." It's ugly. Then they go get into their whatever car and putter away. I dont care who doesnt like it, I LOVE IT!
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I get Gubment Motors from the Ford guys, especially a buddy of mine with a 2014 GT500. He's seen the ass end of my bowtie many times.
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Originally Posted by matthew9440 View Post

Had a Corvette elitest come over and ask me about my car. he goes "hey have you ever drove your car back and forth to work". I respond "yeah I drive it whenever I can" he lowers his head into one of this hands wipes his face and says "thats just a god damn shame son.... a god damn shame".
Well I haven't had any of these types of "compliments" as of yet. But for that Corvette guy, mines a daily driver and I love every minute of it. I guess that's a shame too.
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Where I live I get compliments from the "younger" crowd but the crowd more my age either shakes their heads and say/think "mid life crisis" or wonder why I did not buy a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche....ANYTHING but a Camaro! Then again every Tom, Dick, and Harry around here has a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche!!!

Though I admit, my next ride will probably be an M5 or AMG Merc, but for now I am LOVING my American muscle.
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Originally Posted by matthew9440 View Post
I must just live in a hateful town. Haha first night I had my Camaro I drove past the downtown tuner car kids and they all stood on the corner of the road and gave me thumbs down.
DuBois? Sounds French. There's your clue, lol. Just give them the stink eye and they'll surrender.
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Carmine SS
Just Livin' the Dream
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Someone once said it looked too much like the Mustang....I was too flabbergasted to have a response.
I'm old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.
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My best is "you only have the V6?" me..."Yea, what does your Camaro have in it?"

Other day a guy asked if "I have a V6", I said "yes", he was like oh, "so its the base model?" I was jealous, he is driving a 93 Grand Marquis old police car or somthing. Big V8 in that would thrash my V6.

Finnally a Meat head from the Gym drove by me in his F250 pick up, yelled out the window "Should have bought a V8", I was like "yes, but I didnt" He didnt say anything else.
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A bunch of young teenagers yelled "Nice car, but it should be all white".

Cuz ya know, they would know, right?
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Installed my zl1 grille on my 6 banger and they said looks good but why not put zl1 engine in? What car do you have again is usually my response. was

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Jamie Mac
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Drives: 2010 SS/RS IOM 2014 2LT Stingray
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Are you going to get the new 2014? F no!
also drives a heavily modified Jeep Wrangler. It has LED headlights and wheel weights blacked out with Plasti Dip. It's Baller.
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