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Best Year Camaro?

Which year, out of the third gen. is the best, and engines?
I'm looking to buy a Camaro soon.

So far I found a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 IROC Coupe for $3999.
5.0Liter 8 Cylinder Engine.
4 Speed Automatic Transmission with Electronic Overdrive

url of pic:

Or should I just look for a z28?
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I think you should stick with the IROC. Thats a great looking car there.
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Agreed - very nice (looking) third gen there. What miles and whatnot?

I'd love to pick up an 84 non-ttop Z28. Probably never going to happen though.
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I would look for a 1985 IROC-Z L69. 1985 was the first year for the IROC-Z model. The 1985 IROC-Z's had some interesting options suck as the ultra rare L69 5.0 LITER H.O. motor. This motor was only available in the IROC-Z's that year with the 5-speed trans and the 373 rear end! The other nice option was the Lear Seigler interior or LS Contour interior that said CAMARO,CAMARO,CMARO going down the seats. These cars can be bought for anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 depending on doc's and condition. The other third gen that I would look at would be a IROC-Z or Z28 1LE Camaro. These were stripped out factory race cars. These cars have been going up every year and would make a very nice investment as well as a fun car to enjoy driving. I have a number of third gen camaro's and all I can say is when I first started collecting these cars I was buying them for $1,500 to $3,500. The prices of these cars is starting to really take off! Find the car you want soon because I see the future of these car being very expensive the longer you wait. Here are a few 1985 IROC's I own as well as a picture of my white 1Le and blue 1991 Z28's. Jeff
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For me, my old '92 RS Heritage Edition (white w/red stripes) third gen is tops. If I were to get another 3rd gen it would be the same, with an LS3/T56 swapped in for good measure.
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Right, right.
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those irocs were some freakin awesome cars. i like the 87 iroc 5.7 L H.O. tht was the high-end engine back then. my uncle used to have one of those, and i drove it once, and it blew my mind hw much power it had! (of course i was 12 wen i drove it so tht might hav somethin to do with it lol)
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92 hands down. Most HP, best handling and quietest ride.
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If you use build quality as a standard the 92 were a little more solid than the earlier cars.
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