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Angry Ants love Camaros too

Looking for suggestions on how to get rid of ants.

Picked up my Camaro and noticed the next day that there were ants living in it. Aside from the rogue ant that appears around the center A/C vents, they only wander around the exterior. I was irked, but haven't let it bother me. Didn't go to the dealership to complain since it's 8+ hours away.

They frequent the hood linings, front fascia, lip spoiler, seams around the windshield/rear window, rear side markers, and area under the spoiler.

It's a perfect living situation for them. Enclosed hard to reach areas, the florida rain provides them plenty of water... they can be seen scurrying after the cars been rained on, and the bugs I collect from the highway keep them full.

I've had a run in with ants before. Prior to the Camaro, I had my '98 accord infiltrated by these nuisances. I bombed the accord and left it for a day to find that they didn't quite reach the areas the ants occupied. So I really don't know what to do. I've tried liquid baits as well as square igloo type baits and even washed the car clear of bugs before setting them.

I'm a bit wary of spraying Raid on the car... and from what I've read is that they will move around when they are stressed... I don't want them entering the interior.

I could always wait until the winter since i'll be in new york by then. The temperatures should freeze those summitches.. but I just don't feel its a good look to have ants visibly roaming free.. even if it is just on the outside.

Any help is appreciated.
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Jus' Cruzin
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Is this the 2013? I'd take it to your local Chevy dealer and explain the situation. You shouldn't have to take it back to the dealer you bought it from, any dealer can fix it.
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YOu have ants and i have spiders, baby spiders at that. Just crawling all over the freaking car, inside and out, leaving mini threads of webbing behind.
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Ants, that's just crazy. I guess living up here where it freezes is why I have never seen an ant problem in a car. I have a truck that is parked outside and the spiders like to make their webs in the wheel well area and sometimes those dang mud dauber wasps like to make nests on the engine in various places. I get the shop vac out and suck em up every once in a while.
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mix some honey with some boric acid and bait around where you believe they are originating from before getting on the car
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Originally Posted by Sapper12b View Post
YOu have ants and i have spiders, baby spiders at that. Just crawling all over the freaking car, inside and out, leaving mini threads of webbing behind.
Summertime = little spiders leaving highways of web trails all over the car. Whether its parked in the garage or outside, it happens. Yup, I've got them too.
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they make little ant traps with glue on them, you could stick those in the places you think they inhabit
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Set off a small bug bomb with the windows shut. When the bug bomb takes care of the ants then clean all of the surfaces that has chemicals on them. We had a spider outbreak along with a lady bug invasion both at the same time. We let off 5 bug bombs which took care of the any living bugs. There really wasn't much residue/smell from the bug bombs.

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I would take it to a dealer and have them do a complete inspection...They love Styrofoam I know, I had some pavers separated by foam once and left it in the yard for a couple weeks before starting the project, and they had made their colony all through the whole pallet in the styrophone dividers.

What Im leading to is I dont know what they may use as deadeners or if there is something they may of riddled similar to it, but its possible you have more than just the actual infestation that needs to be corrected.....take it by a dealer, as stated, any dealer will work, to look at it, if for nothing else, if you have problems further down the road you will have it on record as being a problem.
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This just recently happened? I though you got your car awhile back...

EDIT: OH. You didn't let it bother you, but now you want them gone. GOTCHA!
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If you have a garage, put the car in and leave the windows down. Bug bomb the garage and the problem should be gone.
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Put a good spread of Ortho Home Defense or Raid barrier around and under the car to prevent any more from crawling onto the car and kill any that climb off.
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Florida? Yep, used to happen to my old truck and old Rav4 all the time. We had a few ant piles that would gather nearby and then find a suitable home on/in the cars. The best thing was to spray for them around the nearby lawns and areas of the condos. Get rid of them from the source. By winter they might be gone anyways, and by next summer just make sure you use some preventative ant killing products
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I had a little spider problem once, as a matter of fact, I had one bite my girlfriend's a$$ and it really burned her up They mostly like to form a web between the mirror and window on the door. Let me tell you what I did though, you take a lighter and burn the bastards (careful of the paint) and before I knew it, they were gone inside and out >
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