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Old 03-17-2008, 05:33 PM   #141
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maybe Chevrolet will have different option packages for this new car. They should, if they want to keep sells up. The mustang and Challenger is in the picture. I think the Mustang may be a problem for sells between the three. Another problem will be gas prices. Me personally I want the fastes bitch they offer, The hell with gas prices.
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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Not sure who said that...but in reality - the reason for the vent not being functional (or open at all) is because the hood latch is right there.
Camero said it, in a pretty recent thread too --
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Then you're gonna love me
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Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Ah, your posts are like a ray of sunshine. I'm glad you're looking into various graphics packages and various ways to deliver them. If it is any help, my preferences are first the twin racing stripes as seen on the 'vert concept. My second choice would be either the hockey sticks OR the single broad stripe seen here. I think both is just a bit much, in my opinion. I definitely want stripes of some sort. I'm excited to see what options I might get. Again, thanks for looking into all sorts of options.
Giving any little info on the Camaro is like a Solar flare!
Love the fact you're looking into the various graphics packages with the stripes fbodfather. We definately want those options. You know you got the orange huggers with black stripes and the Bumblebee style hot on many lists.
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Anyone that knows of a place that is making the Concept Shifter for the new Camaro. (Auto specifically) Please let me know.

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Dark Eric
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Thanks for the photo!
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how do u know it an ss version hah dumb question but seriously lol?
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Punchy, Can you give me a schedule? so i can go down by the track and get an audio recording? Let me know dude.... even just a rough outline like we make runs in the mornings or on sundays..
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i like the stripes, but would prefer either/or hockeys. every camaro i have or have ever owned has had stripes. they just don't look right without 'em...heritage, ya know????i bought a new z06 and what did i do....put stripes on it....woooohooooo!!!!!!!! make a statement! be different!!!love the picture, more will be most appreciated....tee hee!!!!
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Originally Posted by Skyman 08 View Post
If it was a Whine, I would think either Supercharger or gear driven cam, if it is a Whistle I would think more of a Turbo than a Supercharger.
but either is ok by me.
Great work Guys, Keep it up!!!
you know what thinking about the whine, the factory s/c cant be too loud. ive heard fastory superchargers before and they all seem pretty quiet. i and finding it hard to believe that there is a s/c on that camaro. i dont think you would notice it, unless it was at full GO. i think it may be something else or maybe just hearing things.

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this is exactly what i want! white with black all it needs is some black 22s
nice pic

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Sorry officer
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Earhardt stripe package? Can you give any more info on that? I am and always will be a huge Dale Earhardt fan. I'm in the process of buying a 87 Monte Carlo just to turn in into Dale's Wrangler car. Is GM working on a design like the Intimidator packages offered on the newer and last Monte Carlo's, and if GM isn't working on them is DEI?
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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Thank you Bruno!!
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WE ARE ON LEFT LANE NEWS lmao check it out!!!! it even said things about our members
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Originally Posted by CaptianSam View Post
WE ARE ON LEFT LANE NEWS lmao check it out!!!! it even said things about our members
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Hmm.... I don't see anything about our members?
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