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I'm slightly confused on why Tremec puts in a part rated at the exact torque the Camaro gives off. Shouldn't the part be rated at higher torque levels for safety reasons?

I don't know a lot about transmissions but it sounds like Tremec gave the bare minimum they were allowed to give on the part.
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[QUOTE=fbodfather;678231]A couple of thoughts --

To those who are 'fed up' with GM and "American Products" --

Every manufacturer has issues such as this.

The issue is a supplier problem and it DOES NOT INVOLVE EVERY 6-speed manual transmission.

Once again I'll say this: there IS a downside to sharing information....and this is a perfect example of it.

news travels way too fast with forums. Case in point, my paint is peeling at the seem between the fender and bumper, it is obvious to me the bumper is not fit correctly, it's too tight, only two others have taken pictures of this exact same problem, percentage wise it is really a small issue, but because of the internet it looks bigger because we can spread the word faster.
Our M6 tranny pops out of first when at a light sometimes, when you try to put in back into first it grinds, I'll still trying to evaluate the issue???

furthermore, people can say a lot of things hiding behind a monitor

Her Hot Rod.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Since the beginning (have not reset the fuel econ. button...)


(....and I am not known for 'leisurely' drives.)
Nice! That's about what I averaged in my C5 with 76 less hp & about 600 less lbs with my spirited driving, good to hear!

Originally Posted by Halo2 View Post
It's been a pleasure...but now it is time to pull the C6 option. I go to work to get my dose of daily stress, I don't need it when trying to purchase a week end play toy. Good luck to all!
Well... IMVHO... If you don't need the back seat & can afford (and in my case... FIT) in a C6... WTF are you doing buying a Camaro!?

Sorry, I LOVE this car, but for me performance is always the driving factor. If I were not in need of a back seat the C5 would have been replaced by a C6 no question.

So, while I'm sorry to hear you bail, if you can get away with it, that's the choice I would have made in the first place

Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
My sons Camaro SS manuel transmission broke down here in Miami, Floirda with 528 miles, it had to be towed which was handled by onstar / chevy service perfectly.The shaft that comes out of the transmission broke that goes connected to the drive shaft, had a new transmission shipped from Mexico within 2 days which is fast for a truckload shipment from mexico to Miami, Fl and i had the car back the day after transmission arrived at the dealer for a total of 3 days out of service, since they identified the problem, the car did break on a saturday night and was not diagnosed until tuesday morning.Consideirng the bankruptcy and that it is a new car I would give GM , Chevy and the dealer a AAAAA PLUS for handling the problem and i do not regret any purchase of this vehicle at all. Problems can happen, thats part of a new car run.
Thank you very much for the first hand info, glad to hear they resolved it for you so quickly & to your satisfaction! Good job to GM for taking care of it swiftly.

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
That is certainly your perogative -- but if I were you, I'd wait. I don't think this 'hold' will be long - -- perhaps a day or two? I DON'T know this and won't until tomorrow -- but when we DO find out, you'll read about it here.

Originally Posted by mondain View Post
The tranny is a Tremec TR6060, a derivative of the T56. It is the same tranny (according to Wiki) used in the 2007 GT500, 2008 Corvette, 2008 Viper, 2009 Challenger, 2009 G8 GXP, etc.

There should be NO reason we cant rev to 6000 RPM and dump the clutch. You dont think any owners of those other cars do that?

The tranny isnt the problem, it has to be something specific with a certain batch.
Exactly, the same part may be used in multiple different brands of vehicles. Even if the parts themselves are slightly different if they are manufactured at the same plant other variations of similar parts could be effective.

It's not like there is one entire plant where all they do all day long is spit out output shafts for 6 speed Camaro's. If that's the problem it could be a problem for ALL of that line of product on their end, affecting many different makes / models of vehicles. Which for most any other vehicle on the planet would not be an issue because there's nothing else out there right now with this level of attention & wait for cars to be built per order.

This could be happening to 50 other car makes, and no one would even know because 1) there's not THOUSANDS of people watching & waiting for their car, and 2) even if there were... the company wouldn't tell you squat!

I'd rather see this then nothing at all & start reading about all the people breaking their cars 6 months from now...

The grass is always greener... Ignorance is bliss... blah blah blah

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
No. As stated in the OP, dealers won't replace anything unless it's a legitimate warranty claim....which this is not, yet.

So far, this issue seems to have been limited to a small amount of SSs, so chances are your car will be fine. In the event it's not -- that's what a warranty is for. There's no benefit to babying the car out of fear the tranny will break.

While your point is a good one, Tremec has many different versions of the TR6060, all with their own sub-designations like "MM6"... and all of them are rated to different power/torque levels. The transmission in the Viper, for instance, is NOT the same one in the Camaro.
True, but that does not mean all the parts are different. If a single part is the problem it very well may be shared between different platforms. Even if they are different, if they're made at the same plant durring the same time they could be having similar problems.

Originally Posted by BackinBlack View Post
I hear the occassional funny noise out of my MN6, but it drives fine. With only 1100 miles and a perfect break-in period so far (never exceeded 4000rpm, no stalls, no lugging in a high gear, and never seen 100mph), I really doubt I'll see a problem.

Maybe it'll just be a TSB that the dealers will handle the next time you come in for service.

To McGruff, no one is going to replace your tranny if it isn't broken. Drive it like you normally would, and if it breaks take it in for repair. If it doesn't break I hope you at least enjoyed the time you spent driving it.
I -HATE- to even bring it up, it's been debated a beeeelion times on a beeeeeelion forums... but I -=THINK=- it's good to run the engine through it's RPM range LIGHTLY during break in. In other words, you may not be doing yourself a favor stopping at 4000 RPM for a prolonged time (I certainly will be for probably the first 350 miles at least, but gently increasing after that). You don't need to live at upper range, but you might want to slowly go through it on occasion. Light acceleration (like 25% throttle or so) up to red-line is what I plan on after probably 500+ miles (and after a oil change), & downshifting deceleration as well to ensure everything is seated. There's a billion answers to the question and a lot of them seem to work, so feel free to ignore mine, but just saying you might want to read up a little bit on the plethora of info out there on the subject (if you haven't already) if you're adhering to a break in procedure.

Originally Posted by Moose View Post

Very quickly, having just reviewed this thread quickly, I feel it allows me to see the issue pretty clearly, without getting into debating/responding to alot of the posts here.

*GM/Chevrolet should be commended for addressing the issue immediately, and NOT choosing to ingore it, therefore allowing them to identify and correct this issue asap.*

*Bashing GM/Chevrolet serves NO purpose. EVERY manufacturer has issue's. It's how they're handled which makes the difference. IMO, GM/Chevrolet is going above and beyond to rectify the problem.*

While I understand and appreciate everyone's opinions/thoughts/passion when it comes to Camaro, let's be open minded and look at the BIG picture - GM/Chevrolet has given "us" an awesome car. Let's appreciate that while realizing we're all human.

GM/Chevrolet has shown "us" the respect by bringing this "to light". Let's show the same respect by understanding.


Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
Well all I know is there Is nothing wrong with the regular M6 in the SS a GM tech at my dealer called the plant himself and they said nothing was wrong with it!!
Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
yeah I know that but they made that statement this morning at like 8:30!!

And they only told you guys!~!

Im not saying I dont belive what yall are saying I am just going by what I have heard!!
As mentioned, there are no constraints on the transmission because as Scott (Fbodfather) said, they probably wont have an answer until tomorrow. At which point, there probably still wont be a constraint, they'll just fix the ones that are already built in QC, recall the effected VIN range for delivered units, and fix the rest before the tranny goes in I would guess.

The guy standing in the line putting the tranny in may have no clue what's going on, it's not like he's on break cause there's no tranny's and they're not going to stop the production line to pull a car off, it will just get fixed in QC.

If Scott is saying there's an issue & they're working on it I'd take his word for it, but to each their own.

Originally Posted by 1320junkie View Post
And that's a wonderful thing you can chose to believe what you want. I am sure Gm will be making a more "formal" announcement in the very near future.
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I see this much more of a vendor issue, tranny supplied to GM. This is what happens with a new product line and outsource for systems or materials - something all companies do nowadays. GM's best hope is the vendor is prepared to move fast and rectify. I believe THAT'S where you can truly judge GM's customer service and production. If the vendor is not leaned on by GM, then you can judeg General Motors but the fault itself, I don't believe is necessarily a GM issue.

Questions would be, did GM do enough extensive testing before marrying this engine and tranny compination ? Apparently they did, this issue has taken time to find. Best they can do, as they are, is get a handle on it asap. I believe they'll work as expeditiously as possible to rectify this. They have little choice given their financial situation and one strong answer to that problem being Camaro sales.

As frustrating as this may be, for the same reason you bought this car to begin with, have faith it'll be taken care of.

I spoke to my dealer's shop mgr. yesterday and most Chevy Dealer shops are on a strong learning curve with respect to this car, so best it is handled in production rather than a recall and mass demand for shipment of parts countrywide to be installed by 'newbies' in the Chevy shops. Nothing against the 'newbies' but the first several would likely take longer for shops to do. What would you do then, become a thorn in your dealers side, watching through the glass while your car is on the lift ?
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6, nearly 7 pages in this thread in just 4 hours....

I think I'll just wait for the home page to be updated with the results, I can't keep up with this ish, that's just crazy...

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WE took delivery of our 21st new vehicle on July 2 after waiting 9 months. We had VERY high expectations. The 2010 CAMARO met or exceeded them all. Everyone who has seen it or peered under the hood likes it. It has "jaw dropping" impact on many. Of all ages.

I learned 98.0 % of what I needed to know about this car on this site ( NOT FROM THE DEALER).

Doing 30 MPH , a SS A6 peeled rubber from both rear tires as he pulled away from me. NO Honda or Toyota can do that.

CAMARO5 was important in the time leading up to delivery, it will continue to be more important to the members and GM as we rack the miles up.
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Now let's put it back in America

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my take. I am a person who grew up on Chevy's/GM's and put my own money into Japanese vehicles and have had good experiences with the products the Japanese have delivered. I am very excited about an american auto makers product (singlular) with the Camaro. I sold new Hondas and Toyotas and many used vehicles of different makes.
Some automakers have better reputations for quality and longevity. The big 3 arent the first that come to mind, despite their marketing efforts over the past few years. there is a stigma that needs to be shaken and that will happen with time if the big 3 can prove their quality.

Every car maker has recalls over time. This is a reality, especially with mass produced products. Mistakes happen. this is particularly true with brand new models. I have been very skeptical and even cynical of Big 3 in the past, but I am holding judgement until they have worked out the bugs over the next while. Its gonna happen and society needs to be patient. Hondas and Toyotas have problems too and people get up in arms when they do. I had a problem with one of my Honda's...but I saw it for what it was...a fluke.

The quality of GM will be shown in how they respond to problems and what they do to prevent it from happening again. I am not planning on buying a 5th gen until the second year or so because of financial reasons and I also want to see how the car holds up with time and if they take care of the bugs. although it sucks to have problems now, it will get worked out in the end.
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If I'm reading correctly, this is just the SS M6, not the V6 M6?

I'm gonna play stupid girl here for a second and assume that those are two different trannys?
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Originally Posted by Camaromom3 View Post
If I'm reading correctly, this is just the SS M6, not the V6 M6?

I'm gonna play stupid girl here for a second and assume that those are two different trannys?
thats correct ,you win a cookie!
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I am keeping my order. I don't really give a rats ass when i get it. The longer I wait, the more I save up. Way i look at it, its a win win for me. A car that has been checked over and made sure not to have a bum tranny and a little more money in the bank. Only bad thing is it may come in too late to drive it this year... If thats the case I will either keep it or order another one in January so it comes in like April '10. Either way, I will have a 2SS/RS SIM M6 sooner or later!
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I ordered my Wrangler Rubicon and four days later Chrysler halted production. Now I've ordered my Camaro SS and two days later it gets put on hold. I can't help but laugh. No complaints though, I'd rather wait than have to take it back.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
A couple of thoughts --

To those who are 'fed up' with GM and "American Products" --

Every manufacturer has issues such as this.

The issue is a supplier problem and it DOES NOT INVOLVE EVERY 6-speed manual transmission.

Once again I'll say this: there IS a downside to sharing information....and this is a perfect example of it.

We could clam up and perhapsyou'd never know about it...but to the Camaro Team, that would not be the right thing to do.

If you think that BMW and Mercedes and other foreign manufacturers don't have similar issues, you're wrong.

WHAT I RECOMMEND: (....from a PERSONAL viewpoint......)

DO NOT do 6,000 RPMS and then DUMP the clutch.

That's a foolish thing to do....regardless of what you are driving.

I'm not saying you have to 'baby' the car -- but don't go out and 'flog hell outta it!"

Meanwhile - we will have more info. as details develop.

while giving my work mechanic a ride in her, i noticed how close to 1500 miles i was. so i stopped in the back ouf our newly blacktopped parking lot, floored it and sidestepped the clutch for the 1st time. i finally had to let off the gas as the rear began to sway after about a 300ft smokeshow. while i don't do this often, ur telling me she wont handle it?

there should not be much difference between a 6000rpm clutch sidestep and a 4200rpm competition mode launch.............shouldn't be any harder on the driveline.

this car was made to rock and roll.........if it woun't take it, RECALL IT!
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Some update/clarification -- no hold on production, just on shipments

from Adam Denison, Assistant Manager of Chevy Product Communications

No hold on production, just on shipment. Our engineering team is reviewing data related to the performance of the manual transmission on the Camaro SS and has temporarily stopped shipment of this model. This only impacts Camaro SS models with manual transmission. Camaro SS with automatic transmission, and Camaro LS and LT models are not affected and will continue to be shipped to dealers. We're working closely with our dealer network to minimize any inconveniences this may cause for the customers. Hope this helps! Thanks.
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thanks coolman
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