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Originally Posted by logan1080 View Post
I wish they would have given us some kind of time frame about when the cars on hold will be fixed.

VERY QUICKLY...more details to come.

By the way -- "Thor" - built in late December or early January -- has over 12,000 miles on him and is just as great as he was with 50 miles on him.......
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Hopefully this is limited to a certain batch, and VIN range..... I am a little worried to " GET ON IT " with my car, but I guess I'll have to wait for more updates.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
VERY QUICKLY...more details to come.

By the way -- "Thor" - built in late December or early January -- has over 12,000 miles on him and is just as great as he was with 50 miles on him.......
WOW! That didn't take long!

I guess when you're burning out all the time the mileage racks up quicker eh?

Thanks for the quick communication & updates Scott! With my M6 SS TPW for next week I'm certainly keeping an eye on them & appreciate it!

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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
VERY QUICKLY...more details to come.

By the way -- "Thor" - built in late December or early January -- has over 12,000 miles on him and is just as great as he was with 50 miles on him.......
Awesome...what kind of mileage you been averaging?

Scott, as always...THANK YOU. I don't think any one of us can say that enough!
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1965 Olsmobile 442 HD three speed manual with the real Hurst Shifeter. 1.5 miles from dealer and blew the trans. Made by FOMOCO. Muncie trans for the next three muscle cars M20 2.20:1 first gear never an issue. GM getting out of the parts business may have saved money over the years but did nothing to improve durability !! Suppliers are an issue affecting all manufacturers, requires constant supervision by GM.
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I'm glad they're doing this. GM is taking responsibility for their product. If they just wanted to ship crap in high volume this would not be happening. They see a problem, and they are taking steps to correct it. This is 1st class all the way!
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Originally Posted by usmcjlp View Post

It is getting harder and harder to support GM. First their management runs the company into the ground. They take tons of taxpayer money, which will never be repaid. GM takes 3 years to get this car to market and apparently it has so many design flaws that every week we hear of a new major issue. Yes I consider L99s with no power and transmission shafts shearing under normal driving conditions a major flaw. I drive 2 American cars because that's what I prefer. But really, when was the last time you heard of Honda launching a new vehicle with these issues?

Not to mention, the UAW works a back room deal with the white house for salaries and benefits that far exceeds the market average. Obviously, that doesn't translate into better quality. Before I get flamed here, loose nuts on spoilers, A pillars not installed properly, and major paint issues are all indications of poor workmanship. GM's design has nothing to do with failing to adequately tighten 4 nuts on the spoiler. That is a half ass work ethic and nothing else.

I am a system engineer. I currently work on procurement and development of aviation platforms. I have designed and written test and evaluation protocols for new systems. As someone who is very familiar with writing requirements and their associated tolerances, I am amazed at what I see slipping through GM's process. GM has got to know they are under a microscope. I personally want to see the American Auto industry come back. This is not helping.

Hmmm. Interesting thoughts there USMCJLP, but I must ask you a few questions before I react. When was the last time you were as in tune with what happens with Honda's new releases as you are with Chevy's new releases? If there was truly a back room deal with the UAW do you think they would let "Joe Public" know about it? And lastly how do you know GM wont pay the money back? Chrysler paid back the money they got in the 80s.

I actually have to agree with the workmanship issue you bring up. I think (know) that the lack of workmanship is a direct reflection of the attitude of the American worker in our country. This attitude has been perpetuated by managements inability to hold the worker and itself accountable for its actions. Therefore the patients think they can run the asylum. And before someone says "IT THE UNIONS FAULT", let me say that Owners/management made their own bed. They are the ones who make the decisions. Labor just follows orders given by the Owners/management.

This is a first MY car and GM is 4 months into production. I think GM is doing a respectable job of catching (with customers help) and addressing the issues this car is having. (all things considered) Bravo to GM for halting production on the V8 manual until they resolve the issue. In years past they would have just let it ride until they could get it swept under the rug.

Just one Man's opinion.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
A couple of thoughts --

To those who are 'fed up' with GM and "American Products" --

Every manufacturer has issues such as this.

The issue is a supplier problem and it DOES NOT INVOLVE EVERY 6-speed manual transmission.

Once again I'll say this: there IS a downside to sharing information....and this is a perfect example of it.

We could clam up and perhapsyou'd never know about it...but to the Camaro Team, that would not be the right thing to do.

If you think that BMW and Mercedes and other foreign manufacturers don't have similar issues, you're wrong.

WHAT I RECOMMEND: (....from a PERSONAL viewpoint......)

DO NOT do 6,000 RPMS and then DUMP the clutch.

That's a foolish thing to do....regardless of what you are driving.

I'm not saying you have to 'baby' the car -- but don't go out and 'flog hell outta it!"

Meanwhile - we will have more info. as details develop.
+1. Thanks, Scott for sharing and you're right on the $$$. There are things discussed in this forum that would never get out of the boardroom or QC departments of other manufacturers.
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For the first time in American automotive history we have an obscene amount of public insider info on this car, its one of if not the hottest selling car in America right now, GM is under a microscope for every little thing, and the moment a bug or issue comes up everyone jumps down GM's throat for not handling it this way or that.

GM is going to address the issue, just like every other auto manufacturer does: research, experiment, and hopefully, fix. Just because you have a front row seat to the process doesnt mean they're doing it wrong. They've done it this way for decades, you were just ignorant of it.

Never ask how sausage is made. You might just find out.
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Lightbulb ...stay cool friends!...

..beleave me... here in europe you have things like this very very often... even in the lux-range of the mercedes and bmw's! the only difference is..these manufacturys make their announcings of tec-problems very often much toooooo late and only if they become pressure for a coming-out! means.. GM is top with the reaction an fairness! NO model is absolutely perfect in the first half year of production... the Cami is it just! lots of regards from the biggest camaro-fan in Switzerland
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I have a 2006 BMW 330xi and it has had more problems than my 2002 Ford Explorer over the years. My 2001 Miata is the best car I've ever owned, and it has a clutch issue that was never fixed under warranty. If you are complaining that it took THREE YEARS to bring the Camaro to market, you know NOTHING about cars. Five years is a typical development cycle, and we are lucky enough to get these cars as soon as they did. Of course they will have production hick-ups, for God's sake they can't keep up with the orders.

And not to rant here, but EVERY carmaker is in the crapper right now, precious Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW. The only one turning a miniscule profit is Hyundai and they aren't traded in the US, so who knows how accurate that information is.

I hated GM cars for years, but they have been trying their damnedest to bring good products to the table for the last seven years and we are just now seeing the fruits of that labor. A Cadillac is tearing up BMWs IN GERMANY. Ever think that day would come? GM was a victim of bad timing, like a lot of companies in this recession. I can only hope, for all of our sake's that they survive and continue to rebound.
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GM IS doing the right thing here. I am a I&C component engineer at a power plant and believe me when I tell you that you can only plan for so much before you have to follow trends of data of the health of equipment "in-process" or in this case "in-your-car".

It takes cojones to make a call like this so rest assured it was deemed necessary and supported by data and is there to prevent recurrence of broken trannies.

I applaud GM for taking care of this SUPPLIER problem instead of saying something like "launch control isn't covered by warranty".

GM doing the right thing IS the new GM!!!
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I am nearing 1,500 miles, and I was hoping to try out the launch control. I guess I might wait some to hear the details of the problem, but I have to say that the tranny feel great so far!! In the end, it is still under warranty though.
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Think this is about the launch control issues?

reason i bring this up is because the autos aren't stopped.
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