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Why not the LSA in the Z28?

Why do you think GM didn't go with the LSA super charged engine instead of the LS7 in the Z28? Would that be pushing too far into the corvette world performance wise? Its like they always leave something on the table.

They could have made a stripped down 300 lb less ZL1, no radio, AC, sound blocking crap, thinner glass etc, put those ceramic brakes on it and those tires and kept the price about the same if not less and gone with the LSA again and called it a Z28.

Imagine the ZL1 with 580 hp 300 lbs less with those tires. Now that beats the crap out of the Z28 as it stands right?

What am I missing with my thinking?
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Two words... Heat Soak
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two more, Weight Savings
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why would anyone pay 10 15 k more for a stripped down zl1.. the zl1 one is for luxury and performace and the z/28 is for strait track... i would never get it if it had a zl1 engine just for 300 pound reduction.. the 7.0 is what makes it unique
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The LS7 is 64lbs lighter than the LSA which coincidently is about the same amount of HP it loses.

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Number 3
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Not to mention the LS9 is out of production AND was about $5000 more than the LS7 when purchased as a crate engine.

So huge cost, more weight and only 50 more hp than the LSA. And the LSA weighs more than an LS7 due to the SC itself and the inter cooler.
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Weight in the wrong place. Up front and up top.

Heat soak

ZL1 already has it
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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Two words... Heat Soak

YOU BEAT ME TO IT. For those of you guys up north, come to Houston in 100degree plus 100% humidty days with a stock LSA and you will know why. Every pull starts to get slower.
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Easy answer. They originally planned on it. The ZL1 was to be the Z28 but in the eleventh hour they changed the name. You kind find tons of old posts about the LSA Z28 and then how it was renamed the ZL1. Also many of the unique parts on the ZL1 are molded with Z28 on them. (There was a recent post about the inner wheel liners being marked as such.)

That being said it is clear GM wanted the Z28 to be a more limited edition car and track only designed. I laugh at those that plan on buying a Z28 with AC (added over 50 lbs) and then install a full radio (add a conservative 25 lbs) then to make the car more livable some sound deading and carpet in the trunk so you can hear the radio. (another 20 to 30 lbs) Once they are done all this they will have eliminated what made the car special and faster at the track than a ZL1. (My guess is adding back to make it nearly as streetable as a ZL1 you are going to put an easy 150 lbs into the car and with 75 less hp that is a ton.) Then there is the people that are talking adding a supercharger to a Z28?!

Ohh and for those still talking about heatsoak on the ZL1. If it is such a problem why is the car so consistent on a road course lap after lap. If heatsoak was so bad then the car would be seriously slowing down every lap. (which it does not.) This misconception is due to the fact that people are comparing the car on a dyno or dragstrip. Both those locations there is little or no airflow through the heat exchanger. (Look at the front of a ZL1 there is a reason it has that massive lower grill... to shove 60+ mph air through the heat exchanger and radiator.) Most supercharged drag cars use meth/water injection or large reservoir were you can add ice to keep cool. (Don't believe me look into the COPO Camaro supercharged engines. They have a giant reservoir with a large opening making it easy to add ice.) On a road course those are not practical as ice melts and meth/water runs out. The ZL1 cooling system was designed for running on a road course. For that matter the Z28 driveline was not made for drag racing. And a COPO Camaro would drop dead running around the Ring.
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High-revving is a desirable characteristic of a track car, 427 offers that.
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Col. Brain
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the right cam in the LS7 will get you to 550whp

no real need for a supercharger on this unless you need 700+hp
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