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Old 10-25-2013, 04:43 PM   #1
Drives: 2014 AGM 1LE/2SS/RS
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Traction Question

After seeing all of these posts of how bad 1LE tires are in the winter, I realized that a majority of the issues play out around snowy areas. I'm the owner of a new 2014 1LE and I was wondering if I will run into the same issues?

It only rains here in the winter, sometimes heavily, but it usually doesn't get anywhere near 40 degrees. Would I still need to purchase a set of new tires?

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Unless you want a superior wet traction tire I would run the stock tires. IMO that's what I would be doing. Just be cautious of hydroplaning, if it become to much of an issue you can always change them.
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Traction is temp related, as with most tires. The colder it gets, the less traction you will get. Can you drive it with the temp at 40, sure. Just don't expect super grip like you get when it's 90. They don't need to be replaced unless you need to drive in below freezing conditions, or according to the specs 20.
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Don't expect much traction from the tires, be cautious. My 1LE is a DD and it works fine in the rain. Just like any car when its wet, dont try to carve corners or set any speed records. Easy on the gas and you should be fine.
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I have driven my 2013 2SS 1LE in rain plenty of times. Just increase your following distance and control your right foot and you are fine.

The only reason I replaced my tires yesterday is that is was 29 degrees this morning. While it is expected to warm up here in NC over the next week, November, Dec and Jan can regularly see teens and twenties in the winter.

If I was sure it would never drop below 30, I would not have spent the money on the tires.
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