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Agree with seeing a Financial Advisor. Too many unknowns at this time like age, risk tolerance, financial goals, tax situation........ there is a long list of things to go over, do yourself a favor and talk to someone well qualified.
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If the money was in cash, I'd say to do nothing for about 6 months until the "hype" of the situation died down. Since the majority of it is in one stock, you're exposed to a huge risk. Moving to gold or another single stock is not smart. Also, DON'T go to Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, etc. If you seek out a financial advisor, go to a fee-only advisor; the others are paid on commission and will try to sell you products, what you need is investment advice, not a salesman.

As Apex Chase mentioned, a well diversified portfolio of low cost index funds is the proven method to long term wealth. If you were say, 30 years old, and invested $500k in an age-appropriate low cost portfolio, you'd have just over $4MM by the age of 60, or $5.7MM at age 65 (assumes an average return of 7% per year). That doesn't account for inflation, fees, etc. The average return of the stock market since the year 1900 until today is around 9.5%, so 7% is a realistic assumption.

There is a great website with tons of information you might want to check out:

Members of this site follow Jack Bogle's (founder of Vanguard) theory of investing - low cost, broad index investing. Remember, investing should be boring...if you want excitement, by a motorcycle, jet ski, etc.

Something you should also consider is the purpose of this money. If you're looking for an income stream, typical long-term investment strategies won't work.
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Originally Posted by Jordan23 View Post
My advice. Get it out of the stock market ASAP. Buy gold.
Not knocking anyone's opinion, but have to watch the conversion costs. That's all.

Yeah, the standard answers of find a financial adviser and diversifying are good choices.

However, who's going to run your storage facility? How many hours will it require? Where is it located, ie, will it be 90% full? Going to where you think the people will be as opposed to where they are can be a fatal flaw in any small business. But, buying outside of the city limits, where ever that may for you, and "banking" that the property will be later annexed into the city can be a good plan. It's a trade in some cases, again, may not be 90% full, and that could be as more of a long term approach, sell the property for profit later.

I don't think it's a terrible plan. $120,000 a year in revenue, of course that isn't income. Still have costs of ownership and maintaining the place. The real estate guys I've known are split at times. Some say stay the hell away from residential. It's less dependable, tenants tear up the place and don't pay rent sometimes. Less likely to have that happen with commercial, and specifically with a storage unit. Put a lock on it until the pay.

Don't know your current income. If you went a route like the storage place to sink no more than 75% of your money into. I like the not note plan. But you still need operating capital, I like to tell people to have a minimum of a year's worth of operating capital liquid up front. That's not including what you need to live off of. So if you keep your job then good, if you don't, you cannot count on profit on day one.
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Originally Posted by TheAviator View Post
What is an SSS?
"SSS" stock ticker symbol for "Sovran Self Storage". It is a way to be in the self storage business without actually being an operator. Just showing another way to look at it. I used to own some, My Mom still does.

I would advise you to seriously consider seeking out a non commission financial advisor that charges a flat fee based on account size. You have about half of what many of them would normally consider a minimum investment but maybe you can find a firm that would be happy to help. Diversification is critical. Do your homework before handing over the money.

I just noticed you are in AR. This firm might be willing to work with you. I know some of thier clients and they seem to be happy. There are other firms so look around before you make any decisions.

Hope this helps.

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I just like V8s
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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
You need to get with a financial adviser and set yourself up a nice diversified low cost portfolio. Get it out of the stock market asap though. It is way overvalued at the moment and a correction is coming.
This +10000

OP can hire an independent fee-based financial advisor, someone who isn't pushing a particular company's funds or insurance plans, and can provide advice and review his overall financial situation.
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Thanks guys great advice all, see and some of you question the wisdom of asking you guys? I think not, great advice and I will take it. No I'm not quiting my job yet. I am wanting it to get at least half full before I would even consider that. Operational costs I will have, but that's the other beauty of this, very low operational costs, I'll have one employee. Hardly no up keep. But thanks again, would still be interested in hearing more advice. Particularly if any of you actually own a storage unit facility
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Gold, Silver in small denominations... Hyper-inflation is on it's way.
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holy crap never quit, diversify and enjoy. Investing is a very personal choice and only you know the entire situation. Age relates to taxes to income etc. Visit a few financial advisors and get a better feel from an expert's view.
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Look up the background and track record of any "Financial Advisors" that you are dealing with.

Many are simply insurance salesmen with proprietary certificates selling canned investments with entry load fees and poor returns.

Same thing for "investment houses" operations.

Buyer beware.
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