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View Poll Results: What one do you like more
1/4 Mile 44 33.08%
Road Race 89 66.92%
Voters: 133. You may not vote on this poll

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This is a different point of view from others but I like watching drag racing when it's street cars or "real cars". The NHRA series's on espn or something are boring as hell to me because you already expect them to run blazing fast times. I like seeing cars that can drive in, put down some great times, and then drive back home. That's impressive to me. Plus I like seeing cars that I didn't expect to run super fast actually put down a great time.

I do like watching road course racing. I've never participated but would love to. The only thing is that drag racing is easier to get into because it doesn't take such a toll on things like road course racing. I'll be participating soon though.

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Originally Posted by ddunerider View Post
Road...Fast Driver
Drag ..Fast car
How about combining both of them and making it a one lane, one car drag race for a mile.... My chosen form of racing....

Standing start, go as fast as you can... unprepared track surface, DOT tires.... drag radials not permitted...
If the car feels like it is on rails, you are probably driving too slow. -Ross Bentley

Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
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cornfield camaro
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Originally Posted by Slapshot View Post
It really depends on whether I'm a participant or watching.

Drag is a blast if I'm in it, boring as **** to watch IMO

Roadracing is fun both ways to me

I'd rather have my toe nails ripped off with pliers than watch circle track..
You've probably never seen a dirt track modified race then. It's the most intense racing I've ever seen! Sprint cup is boring though, I'll agree.
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Road race!
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Norm Peterson
corner barstool sitter
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Road racing. Been a corner-carving enthusiast (addict?) as a licensed driver for over 50 years. Go-karts before driver's license, a downhill buggy specifically built to take corners before that.

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I had an absolute blast at AutoCross, I've done drag racing at test and tune a bunch over the last year. Not saying I get bored at it, but I definitely want more of the other kind. Waiting until I can afford to do a road course. Fees, special insurance, tires, it's more expensive for me to feel comfortable than just going and doing a couple of passes on the drag strip. But it's all fun.
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I've done both, in my (now gone) '95 Z28. By a gigantic margin, open track road racing is the most exhilarating thing I have ever done in an automobile. There is zero comparison, and the road racing requires a lot more out of both car and driver. I'm thinking about getting a 1LE just to play on the track again.
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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post
I live my life 1/4 mile at a time...
For those 10sec or less nothing else matters, not the mortgage, the store or the team...

Only done one auto-x once and I loved it! So leaning toward that
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Racing, like sex, should last longer than 9-13 seconds.
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1/4 Mile DRAG racing on the road!

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2010 SSRS

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Definitely Drag Racing
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JDP Sales

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I like the twisties!

Best regards,


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I like to tell people I'm to old to road race, and I'm not very good at turning left (NASCAR), so I stick to what I can do: drag racing.


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Love me some Tacos
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As much as I read about 1/4 mile I would think the poll would tilt that way. Though allot of owners like road racing. Nice to know.
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