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Drives: 2013 1LE AGM 2SS RS M6
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Review of Pedders Supercar coilovers and other bits

Hi all, this review was long in the making.

Around July of this year I installed Pedders Supercar Coilover with 12 kg springs, Pedders Z bars, and a whole mess of Pedders bushings.

Here are my thoughts: WOW

To start, The build quality on the coil overs and bars is superb. I was surprised to see that my bushings did not have any flash to speak of from the molding process.

I installed the parts one at a time so I can speak for the feel of each part.
Starting with the coil overs.

After the first stage of install (coil overs) there was a huge difference in ride quality. My 1LE which initially felt responsive, was brought to a whole other level. The car immediately felt like it shed about 300 pounds. I have messed with all of the settings from soft to hard. Currently, I keep the car at 27/22 front and 23/19 rear. At these settings, the ride is a bit rougher HOWEVER, it is easy to tell the external reservoirs have been doing there job. All road imperfections seem dull.

I set my ride height to 660 mm front and rear as recommended by Justice Pete.

The next install were the Pedders Z bars. As you may know, the 1LE bars were one of the thickest offerings at the time of there release..... and then there are these bars. They are fairly thicker, but more importantly made out of a better steel. The install took about a hour with no previous experience do to my having access to a lift. The resulting ride was outstanding. I cannot induce measurable body roll. There of course has to be some, but it is nothing me or anyone has rode or driven the car can feel. This is probably one of the BEST bang-for-your-buck suspension mods you can buy.

After the coil overs, springs and bars.... you could tell the weak point was the bushings. It is hard to describe, but through the suspension's travel the flex from the garbage stock bushings was felt...

I proceeded to install the sub frame bushings. The HD poly bushings are the best you can put into your car without additional welds. Pfadt makes a wonderful solid aluminum sub frame bushing that unfortunately has very little place on a stock sub frame. Anyone who has gotten a look at the welds on the sub frame around the bushing area can tell they are by no means thorough. Consequently, I have seen welds crack on sub frames due to the aluminum bushings. If I can get a hold of a tubular rear sub frame that might be an eventual upgrade but for now, the car can't safely use them.

The result of the sub frame bushings was a much more controlled feel to the rear end in turns, launches, and whenever I decide to convert my tires to smoke. Definitely a great purchase and no complaints on my end.

Now I moved to installed the control arm bushings, LCA bushings, and other assorted bushings. I must saw, if you plan on installing them yourself, get a torch and a hydraulic press. They are a pain in the A$$.

*Pete has put a couple of great videos up on youtube that have some tips and tricks that really helped get the install up and going.*

The result of the rest of the bushings was a lack of play in the car and immediate improvement of feel of build quality.

After all is said and done, I timed the bushings and got the car aligned at -2.1* front -1.7* rear camber. I cannot stress enough, GET YOUR CAR ALIGNED AFTER SUSPENSION MODS. I did not think I could make the car any better, but the alignment genuinely brought everything together.

The car has laser precision, the electric power steering actual has FEEL to it. And best of all, the way the car preforms in turns is jaw dropping. I am taking some serious turns about 20 mph faster then before and you can tell the car isn't at it's limits. Whenever the car is going to break loose, it is extremely predictable and I have never been caught off guard.

Going from the 1LE suspension to the Pedders package is well beyond night and day. I can't imagine what the difference would feel like from standard SS suspension to this package.

All that's left to do is some seam welding, buy a tubular front clip, FIND a tubular rear, and brakes. The suspension is done. Maybe some 18x11's

I cannot express how satisfied I am with the parts. I have given some really expensive cars a SERIOUS beat down.

Best of all, Justice Pete has been well beyond helpful throughout the entire process. He is a stand up guy, and I cannot wait to meet him in person.

For anyone with questions, please PM me and I will provide you with my contact information and I can go into as much detail as you would like.

Signing off,
Matt Steinhauser

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JDP Sales

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Nice Review!

Best regards,


Click HERE to send me a PM | | | 801-545-4215
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USAF retired! Thank God!
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Congrats on running the best!!! There is a thread on the Z28 section on how to convert your LE or SS to close to a Z28. Its a pretty good thread with some skeptics that think you cant get close to the DSSV setup... I have made 3 trips down to see Pete personally for my suspension work. This car is on rails and feels like a miata but with a shit ton more power. Im running the forgeline/Pedders 4 x 19x10.5 DE3ps and currently the Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 305/30 R19. Considering R compounds for when i finally get out on the track but am concerned about keeping my LSX bottom end fed with oil. Not dry sump buy may go with an Accusump.

Also added CTS-V calipers with Cobalt Friction XR1/XR3 pads (track only).

Did you consider the Pedders adjustable camber plates. I go from -0.8 to -2.8 in a few minutes and back.

Great work, here are links to a couple good threads.

Great work!!!
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Good read thanks for sharing.
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Drives: 2013 1LE AGM 2SS RS M6
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Location: United States
Posts: 249
Yes I plan on buying the camber plates in the spring! Pretty sure you and I are well beyond the Z28's suspension... It's nurburghring laptime was mostly in the brakes, tire, and motor. I wont be surprised when people start slapping Super car coilovers on the Z.

Need to get 18x11 and 18x12 for this summer >

Bull I have been following your car since you started and love it! Thanks for the comments!

"feels like a miata with much more power" is 100% accurate
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VR Baron
SoCal Camaro5 Race Team
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Nicely done! Yesterday had supercars, sways, craddle incerts and upper rear arm bushings from Whiteline done. Much better then drop springs, no more clunking sounds over bad bumps, car is taught, more firm though then with drop springs but much better controlled over bad roads. Just starting to play with settings, so far for better ride am at 10/6 and 12/6 and it helped from 14/10 and 16/10 that I will use tomorrow at auto x
Mods: Magnaflow 3" comp catback/Rotofab CAI/Apex Scoop/VMax T/B/ G.M. Blade Spoiler/SLP Splitter/ Forgestar cf10 wheels & Michelin Super Sport tires/JBA Shorty Headers,HiFlow cats & tune/ Ridetech coilovers And DSE swaybars /BMR cradle bushings, toe links and trailing arms/Stage 1 cam-445/430 RW HP/TQ
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Moreno Motorsports
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PM'd you regarding tubular rear cradle
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