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Originally Posted by Crowley View Post
Base would be about 44k and loaded at 50k ..
They would undercut the Gt500 by a little.
You think they would? That's not the case with the GT due to the IRS.
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Originally Posted by Banshee View Post
$46-49k in line with the Shelby GT 500
Originally Posted by Muscle Master View Post
I don't think so
Wanna bet a CAI on that Daniel-San?

Base pricing, lower end and upper without the gas guzzler tax. Yes, for the "car" only..material and labor. Should have been more specific.

And you didn't post YOUR suggest MSRP if perchance built.
It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?

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Anywhere from $45k to $55k.
FenwickHockey65's GM Thread!

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Gotta agree with most of the posters - $45-55k which would give some pricing overlap with low end corvettes
Hood scoop is interesting and looks cool - but as we have already seen its more of a cosmetic thing and there are lots of supercharger kits out there now that will work quite nicely without it
I would have loved to have waited for the Z28 but will probably end up building an equivalent in "installments"
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Base price for a GT500 is what...a tad over $46K?

If a Z comes out....GM will be a few thousand over that so figure a base price about $48K or so. Then with options and out around $54K.

I think GM will bring it to the table a N/A too...with the LS3 or LS7 as the engine and not supercharge it. That will be their claim...GM doesn't need to build a forced induction car...we can do it without and still have 500 plus HP.

Add a supercharger to the car and expect pricing to jump a few grand if not more.

Without F/I - base price $47K, loaded $54K
With F/I - Base price $49K (got to keep it under $50K!), loaded $59K ( to keep it under $60K)

Then again...they might come with one and it be the same price as the SS now only with a F/I 3.6?
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I'd say competitive with the GT500 and SRT8. Even if it has the same engine and fancy suspension from the CTS-V, it lacks most of its luxury features, higher quality materials, and brand image, so the price better be significantly less.
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1100, Preliminary order accepted - 13oct08
2000, Order accepted by GM ----- n/a
3000, Order acc. by P.R---------- n/a
3100, Order available to sequence- n/a
3300, Order sch. for production--- 21may09
3400, Order broadcast------------ 28may09
3800, Order produced ------------ 2jun09(2G1FT1EW8A9114199)
4000, Available to ship
4200, Shipped--------------------9june09

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Too much!!!
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I'll say $42,999 base price; just to rattle the competition.

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[QUOTE=jordan 572;741805]how much you think a bone stock z28 would cost

I would say w/ App. 500HP $39,999. + Gas Guzzler Tax + any options.

If it was supercharged and over 500HP $44,999. + GGT & options
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well.........all i would like to see is:

option Z28A - a base model 2SS consisting of the BumbleBee Ram Air Hood (functional to a Ram Air CAI), Z28 badging and an LS7 for $42k.

option Z28B - same as above only with the SC option or LSX engine for $47k.

realistically, old school dictates the SS being top performer and the Z28 was more of a specialty engine item that was awesome but less performance minded than the SS.

hence the perfect opportunity for GM to release a Turbo V6 or SC'd 4 cylinder with the Z28 badge.

i would by Z28A and if i could ever afford it, Z28B. but there is no way i would buy anything less than LS3 SS in a Z28 edition.
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How much or Z28?

What do you guys think it will cost?
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It should be right in line with the GT500 and if its much more I think it will fail.
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