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Drives: 2010 Camaro M6/2SS
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Yankee_SS Build Thread (SEMA 2017!)

Hi everyone, long time no see. I was on here previously but after a bit of an absence I have returned. Anyways I'm starting a build thread for my '10 2SS. I've had the car for almost 3 years now. It started life as a Summit White 2SS M6. I should have taken more pictures during that time frame haha

Here it was on the day that I bought it. Kind of plain looking right?

That didn't last very long. Within a week I was beginning to make it my own.

I sometimes crew for my buddy Doc Love (from the TV show Street Outlaws) during various no-prep race events. One day he ended up naming the car Yankee, as I'm a transplant from New York currently living in Texas. The name stuck and I've been referring to it as The Yankee ever since!

It ran around with a decent heads/cam setup, eventually I managed to get enough funds to build a stout 417 stroker topped with LME heads. I built it with 10:5 compression as I was going to be running a twin Hellion setup.

While I do like Chevy Orange, I wanted to do something a little different. Lime Green will do a good job of that.

I ran it through the cylinder hone at the School of Automotive Machinists, only taking .005 out of it.

The deck was cleaned up a little on the surfacer. Just to make sure it was square and smooth.

Here it is, I almost thought it was finished at this point....

As fun as the Hellion kit was, I was getting tired of toasting my wiring harness. I extended it a bit and did all kinds of stuff to make it work but in the end I just wanted to drive it.

Eventually I sold the kit. The car was still hilariously fun naturally aspirated. With 588hp to the tire I couldn't complain too much.

I swapped intakes a few different times.

Never being satisfied with other designs, eventually I would make my own. But that's a whole 'nother story.

It was also looking a lot better too. It sure came a long way from when I picked it up in Florida.

(more to follow)

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Drives: 2010 Camaro M6/2SS
Join Date: Sep 2017
Location: Houston TX
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The past year has been very busy lately now that I have graduated from the School of Automotive Machinists. Started my own business, it's been getting pretty good lately. As a result of that, I'm going to SEMA this year along with my SS.

As good as the car looks now, it's not going to be up to par for SEMA but that's okay. A little hard work never hurt anyone. I rang up some business connections and pulled a few strings, the Yankee is getting a makeover!

This is the last pic I took before work began.

With a few friends and an ample supply of beer the 417 stroker was pulled out.

About time for the bodywork

Adding some custom touches to the car. Say hello to the mohawk

And say goodbye to the mail slot! Fake hood scoops are bad, kids!

Went with a two tone scheme for the car. Can't go wrong with black on white.

But it's not your regular Summit White. Oh no, this is something different.

It's Cadillac Crystal Frost White, a matte pearl that was for the 115th anniversary. It came on a very limited number of ATS and CTS-Vs.

Here's how it sits now that it's done with paint. The motor is still out and getting freshened up with a new top end featuring Dart Pro 1 heads, among other things.

More progress will be coming soon!
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