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coolant mix?

I'm going with a 30 coolant to 70 distilled water mix and 1 bottle of Water wetter. I bet I'm down 20 degrees.

Anyone suggest a better coolant than oem?

After reading posts on here just removing the rain guard is good for 20 degrees.

...or maybe this
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I'm interested in this too, my car was getting HOT last weekend at the track. I did drain out some coolant and replace it with water but it didn't make much difference. The rain guard is off on mine and I was hitting 250 coming off the big front straight into turns 1 and 2 on the speedway.

I know in my off road car(700 HP 418 LS3) I run just a gallon of dexcool, water wetter and the rest water and the engine stays perfectly fine at 210-215 when racing it hard. I'm going to give that a shot next, if that doesn't work then I will look into a bigger radiator.

One thing I do know is that a big engine oil cooler will help reduce the engine temp on these engines as well. I saw the factory has a massive one up front, I wonder if there is a way to move it into a secondary air source away from the radiator with its own fan?
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