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Colors + Cleaning

Whats the easiest color to take care of? Which shows the dirt least and the most forgiving?

My past four vehicles have been black, and don't get me wrong, BLACK is the best looking but so much work for so short time satisfaction. To be honest Iam getting tired of keeping it looking good all the time because Ill admit it Iam a little OCD when it comes to how my vehicle looks.

My local dealer took delivery of an IOM with black stripes and a yellow one with black stripes this week that I finally got to see in person. The IOM is an incredible color but my other half says when she see it all she can think of is a car with an 01 on the door and a Confederate flag on the roof with some funny horn so I guess IOM is out of the question.

How about CGM as far as taking care of it?

Input will be appreciated.
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in my 11 years of driving i've owned vehicles in red, maroon, green, several black, and silver.

by far the easiest to keep looking "clean" was the silver. It's light enough that it doesn't show water/dust like a dark color, but its slightly darker than say straight white so it doesn't show dirt as easily. the silver car i had was a very light silver...similar to the camaro i'd assume the result would be similar.

maroon / close to RJT was also reasonable. even though its a darker color, it maintained its "clean" appearance better than most of the rest.

red is also relatively nice to keep clean, a little lighter than maroon or RJT so it hides dirt/dust/water spots better than it, not as well as silver by any means.

Black and green are tough...though the camaro doesn't come in green, an offshoot of that is I'd say blue/black will be the toughest on this car.

CGM would probably fare pretty well too just because its all "off-color"...dark but still light enough to not show as much crap as a black car.
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SIM without a doubt. CGM may be second.
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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
SIM without a doubt. CGM may be second.
yah this is an easy one My SIM never looks dirty even after a week or two without washing . This is about my 10th new car and they have all looked dirty quickly , black , red , blue
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I've had my CGM for a month now, washed it once and waxed it. Been keeping it clean with a duster and some meguirs spray.Keep the wheels clean is more of an effort
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Our '98 Sonoma's a dark red, and it's fairly easy to keep clean.

The Envoy's black...therefore it never leaves the garage unless absolutely necessary.
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Ok IOM is first and foremost a bug magnet, lol. I don't know what it is but when washing it i can't keep bugs from swarming to it like it is this master bug hive to hang out at. When clean it is slamming. I think IOM is OK to keep clean but you can notice when the hood is dirty when driving (still no where near a black car). It drives me nuts because i am so used to keeping it polished that when dust or rain gets on it and it sits for a day or two, i can see the dinge just hanging on the hood. But all in all this is a big ass car and washing it for me is a good 2.5 3 hours, lol.
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Ajax Inferno
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I drive a V6 1997 silver camaro year round in the greater Toronto area. I can definately say silver shows the least dirt and grime. But that didn't stop me from getting a SS IOM stick on order! Go with what you love!
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Lol, yellow is a bug magnet too. currently a yellow -cough- stang, but one thing I did notice is I live in GA and when it's spring.. everyones car is dusty with pollen and mine blends with it LOL. So it has it's advantages when it comes to pollen.

I also had a silver car back in the day and that was pretty easy to clean too. Scratches blended in with that.
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I think Red & Silver are the easiest to clean. Black, White & any dark colors are bad & ABM, IOM, and maybe even RJT are average to keep clean, though RJT may fit in to the dark color category.
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I currently own a White Z28 and in the past I've owned cars that were Black and Yellow. My parents currently own cars that car Aqua Blue, Red, Black, and Silver.

Out of all these, Silver is by far the easiest color to keep clean with White and Yellow being second with Red and Black being the hardest to keep clean with Black being the hardest. I've not washed my car in almost 2 months and it still doesn't look dirty, quite a feat considering we live on a dirt road.
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i too am switching from black to CGM,
my sister has a silverado that is a dark grey color, and it hides dirt fairly well
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Scrappy Doo

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I thought my white was easy to keep clean. Have a brighter blue now and thats kinda tough. Had black and that is HORRIBLE. Red was also pretty easy to keep clean. (Birght red)
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Camaro Girl ~
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I thought white was easy, but SIM is even easier.

I've had my Camaro for almost 7 weeks and have only washed
it once. It wasn't even dirty, I just wanted to try my zaino

Mind you, I do dust her off everyday with a California duster.
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