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Break-In revisited.... auto trans?

Hiya folks,

I'm not only new to this forum, I'm new to Camaros, and new to fast cars in general. I've owned and driven trucks as my daily vehicles, but I used to race motorcycles (track "road-raced" V-twin sportbikes) back when I was younger, 30 pounds lighter, and less concerned for my physical health. A couple of my family members own Ram Air Trans Ams (they call 'em Ram-Ams?), and they got me interested in replacing my aging truck with a Fun Machine.

I have Seen The Light with the '10 Camaro. After weeks of reading, watching, poking, squeezing, and sniffing at 5 different dealerships, I am going to order a 2LT with an auto transmission, and I am as excited as a teenager with a pocket full of cash in a house of ill-repute (to put it nicely for this forum).

I have found a few threads here about break-in -- which is how I found the Motoman site -- including Darin Morgan's thread, and he certainly seems to know his stuff. I am a bit hesitant to be quite that hard on my new engine, but then again I’m just not sure. I am sticking with dinosaur oil for at least the first 5k miles, but since I'm not a mechanic, I don't know who to believe about the Motoman vs. owners manual break-in process. My 2LT will be my main vehicle, and I need it to last, but of course I want it to have power.

I also have not seen anything written on breaking an auto tranny in..... all this info I've been reading is for the manual. I also don't know if this "tap-shift" is just a gimmick, or if it will let me run through gears like a manual.

What Motoman states in his article about loading the engine and expanding the piston rings fully seems to make a lot of sense. I know when I broke in race bikes, I could never help twisting that throttle hard a few times during the initial few hundred miles, but those bikes were less than a third of the cost of the Camaro I am about to order, and they were not my daily driving/commuting vehicle; they were fun weekend machines.

Not sure who to believe, although I want to believe Motoman.

And how do you do it with an automatic?

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drive it like you will normally. dont be afraid to get on it from time to time. change the oil at 1500 miles, fill it with premium fuel only (your dealer probably filled it with 87 octane). once you change the oil, see this thread to ensure your motor is running at full capacity
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Spike you've got horsepower on the brain! He's ordering a 2LT. 87 fuel is alright and no need to pull fuses!
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