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Old 09-14-2009, 12:42 PM   #1
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Why would you pay more?

Not to offend anyone, but why would anyone pay over sticker for this car? Most deallers seem to have $3-5,000 "Market Adjustment". Why would anyone even do business with these dealers? I have mine ordered with a deal under sticker from the dealer I have been buying from for over 20 years. He has been selling for sticker and happened by a dealer in Louisville that had a blue 2ss/rs like I ordered with a different interior. I walked in said how much the sales manager says "whatever the sticker says. You may buy a car here under sticker, but never over." You have to respect people like that.
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Simple. Because I can afford too. (speaking in general, not me personaly)

If you owned a dealership and you had people come in and offer more to get one NOW or even just to get one, why would you say no? I still don't get people who are pissed when dealers do this. It's called 'Supply and Demand' and business has been driven this way since before time. When enough people refuse to buy from these dealerships, the price will come down. But guess what? They're still selling. I don't see a problem. Find a dealer who charges what you're willing to pay (like you did) and move on.
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If you want something bad enough you will pay more for it. If something was only going to be made in limited quantities and there is supply and demand it is going to happen.
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love. my. car.
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I hear in some areas it is very hard to find the car for sticker... So if you want the car in the near future and don't want to travel out of your metro area, you are pretty much forced to pay the price. However, I have no pity for people that live in areas where there are dealers willing to sell for MSRP and you are just so impulsive that you buy from the first dealer you wander across who happens to be selling over sticker... If the car was worth that much in this market GM would've upped the MSRP.
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Server Enginerd
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If you go at the end of the month and at the end of the day, and figure you can waste about 2-3 hours at a dealership haggling, go ahead and do so. They're more willing to work with you towards the end of the month than at the beginning. That's how I got my car for just a bit under sticker.
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MSRP is just a RECOMMEND price.... if the dealer can get more, they're going to... and right now demand is so high, people are going to pay to play.
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Example: The soft drink you buy in a restaurant costs the company about ten cents in syrup and water. You pay $2.00. 200% markup. Why do you do it? Convenience and you can afford it.
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Convenience and I able to afford it. Exactly! I paid over MSRP. But I can understand that this mark-up practice probably doesn't happen in some states or if it did, people just wouldn't pay it and probably curse the dealer and the buyer who pays it. But "market-adjustment" is a normal thing in California when it comes to in-demand cars. Not all dealers do it but most.
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Old 09-15-2009, 10:21 AM   #9
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Because I can, and it was better than waiting. I paid $1500 over sticker and here is how I justify it-

I didn't order until April 27th. Fully loaded 2SS/RS with polished wheels, silver exterior, black interior and sunroof. Come May 20th, it was still at "1000" order status, and I knew there were about 4 orders ahead of me, and that was the lowest in the region at that time.

May 21st, I find a car configured EXACTLY the same, a few states up. They were asking 5k over sticker. We played the game, got them down to $1500 over sticker. Seeing as how it would be months before I would see that order, and there are some still to this day waiting for R6P orders, I went ahead and did it. I also got my $1k deposit back from the ordered car.

I picked up the marked-up car on May 31st. I have had a BLAST with it all summer. The lowest price I have seen for a car of the same or similar configuration in the area I live is $6k over sticker, and often times for a car that was not there yet, but on it's way.

Did I mention I was having a BLAST with my new Camaro, all summer long? Oh and by the way, the car I had ordered, just went to "2000" order status this week. Lame

$1500 to rock out all summer with the hottest car on the road =
Bailed on order, purchased the same on 05/21/2009

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Not easy being Green
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For a new car I would not pay over MSRP even a car as cool as this. I can understand how some are willing to pay more, but I am willing to take the risk and do the leg work to find what was fair for me. To each his own, but I can say that the extra four week wait was worth saving the 5-8k.
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Old 09-15-2009, 10:39 AM   #11
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It is NOT a wise financial decision to pay even MSRP for ANY car. I don't care what a dealer tries to convince you of. The reason they charge a markup is because goof balls will actually pay it.

I couldn't get a local dealer to work with me at all on the price, so I bought a Challenger in stead for Employee price, $1000 cash back, and 0% financing back in February. I walked right out of Alexander Chevrolet in TN with a $1000 deposit check torn up because they wouldn't let me use a Supplier Discount on an order. I had already called GM and was told Supplier Discounts were accepted, but the dealer didn't want to accept it.

Folks on the Challenger Forum that paid over sticker for the same car I bought for a $6,000 discount had quite a bit of buyer's remorse. The program ran for about three weeks on Challengers, and tons of folks snatched them up at a STEAL like I did. I just shake my head at folks who are so impatient they have to have it now at any price.

In 6 months I'm afraid some folks here who paid over sticker will feel the same way once the "new" wears off and these cars are piling up on dealer lots and discounted. I actually may still buy one to go along with my Challenger once they're cheap. Once that happens, the folks who paid over MSRP will take a substantial hit in the "value" of their car, just like a lot of the Challenger owners did.

The one I bought at $6,000 under MSRP is now worth more than I paid for it. The Challenger was, and is, made in much fewer numbers than the pretty soon Camaros will be everywhere. Just sit tight, save up your money for a larger down payment, and let others pay through the nose. You'll have a much larger smile on your face and a greater satisfaction of ownership knowing you got a good deal 6 months from now.
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life must suck outside of central Pa. I don't know a chevy dealer anywhere in my area that is selling a camaro for the rip off price. I think around here they want to keep a long term customer. I did see one used car nut trying to sell a used 2ss/rs with 2500miles for 39500.
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Just Lovin' My Camaro!
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Because its business! I payed 500 over which was ok with me only because for the $500 I got tint, one year car wash, door edge gaurds, and painted pin stripes. I wouldn't have paid more only because I ordered before production started. But for one that is on the lot I may pay a little more if I don't have to deal with the wait and it is 90% of what I want.
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People have the money and want one really bad... usually the main reasons.
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