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Camaro Welcome package

Who was on the early bird order list?? Who put you on this list when and where?? Was there something that was added to the window sticker because of being a early bird !!?? :( Way back in October of 2008.? First of all who got the package. Was it by mail or did the dealer get it and give it to you. That first week of October 13th, 2008. There was 6000 orders!!! So where was the cut off , by the number of camaros ordered or by a date. And where is the announcement about this???? Help!!!!!! This may help me and others to understand why instead of a low vin # WE ended with a bigger number!! Plus why there is so may of us that did not get the package. Or even know that there was such a thing. I like to get to the bottom of it !! Who dropped the ball on another thing from the old G.M. or the New G.M. will the real G.M. please stand up?? that I can't get a answer too or about!!

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The "package" was sent out by mail. There was a cutoff early in the year...but most of the pre-orders should have gotten it. It was just a picture w/ your order # and name...and a thankyou letter.

Dealer allocation had a lot to do with why some pre-orders took longer.
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Welcome Kit


I am the person who told you about this Friday night... Sorry to get you all wound up, but here is the story as I know it:

It is my understanding that all orders placed and ENTERED INTO GM'S ONLINE ORDER SYSTEM prior to the start of production on 3/16/09 should have received the welcome kit by mail from GM, which apparently included a letter which provided an access code to the (allowing you to track your car through production) and put the R6P code (early order activity) on all of your paperwork, including your window sticker (there may have also been a limited edition litho in the package - search the forums for welcome letter). The key is whether or not the dealership entered the order into the online system prior to 3/16/09, regardless of your order date. I ordered on 1/22/09 and was not given an order number until I pressured the dealer after reading numerous posts on this site stating that I should have gotten one when I placed the order. Unfortunately for me, I did not follow up until AFTER 3/16/09, which is how I discovered the cutoff for the early order benefits after talking directly with GM.

It is your dealer who dropped the ball on this one. I know - my original order was placed with the same dealer you bought from, and their line was "but you couldn't enter anything into GM's ordering system until production started 3/16" - if that was true, how were all of the other people on this site getting order numbers prior to 3/16, and how did GM know how many pre-orders there were? (And, why did GM tell me I would not receive a welcome kit because my order should have been entered online before 3/16 to get it?) This dealer had a printed list (they showed it to me to show me my position on the list), and as GM gave them allocations they entered the orders into the system to be built (except for mine, when I demanded an order number they entered it online - by then they figured out that they still had to assign an allocation to me before my car would actually be built). The dealer either did not know how the process actually worked, or they did not care that they were denying their customers the early order benefits (and then lied to me).

I was so disgusted by their lack of knowledge and their unwillingness to communicate with me (e-mails and calls never returned - I only spoke to someone when they actually answered their phone or when I went to the dealership, and even then I never really got any info) that I cancelled my order with them (because I had already lost my early order benefits and I no longer trusted what little information they were willing to give me), and ordered again elsewhere. I finally got my car last week (9/10), and based on the number of VINS that showed up for the other dealership (I'm trying not to name names - you know who it is...) I probably would have had my car 6-8 weeks earlier if I hadn't moved my order. But I was #33 on their list, and they told me they had 30 allocations in the first pool, so I thought I would not get my car before Oct or Nov if I stayed. (The "pools" of allocations obviously did not work the way I thought, based on the number of cars they actually received...)

Anyways, sorry to get you riled up about something that is over and done with, maybe you can get something out of the dealership if you beat them up about it, but I doubt it. They weren't willing to do anything for me to keep me from cancelling my order when I confronted them about it (they just got defensive, basically said my info was wrong, and told me to do whatever I thought I needed to do - I'm still not sure they believed I was a serious buyer or something). You can verify everything about the welcome letter and the R6P code by doing searches on this site - so I am pretty certain the info is accurate and the dealer just didn't know what they were doing.

This is still a sore spot for me, but now I have my beautiful car that I love, and I am going to try to forget about all the garbage I had to go through to get it and just enjoy the hell out of it!
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